Why You Should Own A Used BMW X6 In Texas?

Certified Used BMW In Houston TX

The BMW X6 offers a great combination of powerful full-sized SUV and luxurious coupe that has the most advanced technologies. Also, it has the best-in-class performance and safety innovations that give a pleasant and secure ride. Its impressive engine options offer unbeatable power that ranges from 300 to 500 horsepower which is hard to find in small crossover SUVs. Plus, this vehicle rewards buyers with outstanding towing capacity i.e., 5000 pounds of torque.

If you’re still confused about why you should buy a used BMW X6 – Used BMW For Sale Near Me In Houston TX, we have listed a few more good reasons below –

Multiple Safety Options on all Trims – BMW Cars For Sale In Houston TX

There is a large number of safety aids available on the BMW X6 in every trim. Each package of the X6 comes loaded with a minimum of 20 safety features such as LED daytime lights, ABS, rear-view cameras, several active driving assistance programs, front and rear Park Distance Control, etc. Furthermore, this SUV also comes equipped with BMW’s Active Protection System that can detect expected crashes and prepares passengers by tightening seat belts, activating after-crash braking, and shutting windows.

Excellent Braking Capabilities – Cheap BMW For Sale In Houston TX – 

When it comes to braking, the BMW X6 feels smooth and secure whether you have the vehicle on a slower city road or out on the highway. It can come to an emergency stop from 60 mph in just about 108 feet, which is pretty good for a large SUV. Furthermore, these are some of the best brakes you can ask for in a vehicle in this segment.

Off-roading Capabilities – Certified Used BMW In Houston TX – 

While no vehicle in this class is truly meant for serious off-roading, the BMW X6 can handle some light adventures off of the beaten path thanks to its 8.3 inches of ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive. Although dirt roads are not a problem and remain comfortable to drive down, the adjustable suspension soaks up so many of the bumps.

Numerous Stand-alone Options – 

The BMW X6 also comes loaded with several stand-alone features to choose from that include an upgraded audio system made by Bang & Olufsen, an entertainment system for the rear-seat passengers, and a heated steering wheel. While these features can up the price tag, you can get an affordable option of X6 by choosing a used one.

The Optional Packages – Used BMW For Sale Near Me In Houston TX – 

There are quite a few optional packages to choose from when it comes to customizing your BMW X6. The Premium trim gets you a heads-up display screen, WiFi hot-spot, wireless charging for smartphones, and automated parking. Upgrading the Executive trim will get you the bonus of having window shades in the rear and automatic high beams. Furthermore, you can also get a unique interior and caters to the sportier drivers.

These are a few good reasons why you should consider a used BMW X6 when looking for a full-sized SUV in Texas. At Houston Direct Auto, we have a wide selection of BMW Cars For Sale In Houston TX which you can easily own with numerous financing options. Also, we provide a free CarFax vehicle history report to help car shoppers in knowing some essential details about vehicles they are interested in. Plus, we also give limited warranties along with each vehicle to boost the confidence of car shoppers. To know more, feel free to contact us today !!

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