Why You Should Check Engine Closely When Buying A Used Car?

The engine is a heart of the vehicle, just like the heart of the human body. So we can say that engine is the most important part of a vehicle and constitutes an essential part of its retail price. If you are thinking of purchasing a used car, make sure you entirely access and analyze its engine before you make a decision to purchase a car. There are various parameters related to the car’s engine that need to be evaluated. However, many people do not know why they need to check the engine’s condition closely. Suppose you buy a used car, then you face problems related to the engine again and again. To avoid such problems after buying a car, make sure you inspect everything very well before purchasing. However, some Bad Credit Car Finance Dealer tells you the importance of checking the car’s engine and also helps in inspecting it. There are many other reasons for checking the engine closely. Here you will know some of the reasons, so without wasting time, let’s start.

To Know Service History and Maintenance Record: A well-maintained service record of the car tells you that the owner has taken good care of their car. This record will also provide you with some essential information about all services that your car has undergone. It tells you some things in detail, like repairs of the engine component, the change of engine oil, problems related to the cylinder block, timing belt, piston, and so on. Usually, the dealer suggests that the owner must change the oil in the car at an interval of 10000 km, and if you see any irregularity in the oil change record, you should take it seriously. This irregularity is a clear indication that everything is not well with the engine of the car because a delay in oil change may increase the chances of irreparable wear and damage to the motors.

Avoid Modified Cars: Modification word show that improves the car’s look and increases its performance. Though, modification has its own disadvantages and negative impact on the longevity of the engine. That’s why you should not prefer a used car, which has been modified to enhance the car’s extra-strong performance. But if you still want to go for the one, then you can ask for detailed information from the owner of the car. You can ask the owner about which parts you have modified and make sure these parts that went under the modification are available in the market in case you want to change them. You should also know how much and what is the impact of the modification of the fuel efficiency. However, some No Credit Check Financing Car Dealership provides you with comprehensive details of the modification’s impact. You need to ask all questions and know everything about the car before making any final decision related to the car.

Know Battery Status and Ignition System: A rough ignition shows that there is some problem either with the car’s battery or with the ignition system. Usually, the old batteries affect the ignition system, so you need to check the service record when the last time the owner changed the battery of a car. However, a car’s battery is good for around 3-4 years, but after that, it should be replaced. On the other hand, the ignition system does not face any problems for many years if it receives enough and proper support from the battery continuously.

Check Under The Hood: You can guess the condition of the car by looking at its interior and exterior, but when we talk about the engine’s condition, then you need to dig deep and analyze it closely. When you start inspecting, make sure the engine is turned off, the handbrake is engaged, and the car is parked on a level surface. While checking, you have to specifically look for signs of a damaged engine, like the smell of burnt oil, coolant discharge from the radiator, or an oil leak. However, you might not know the condition of oil leakage by just opening a bonnet, so you need to get down on your knees and check deeply.

Know Some Signs And Symptoms Of Engine Damage

As you know, the engine is the heart of a car. The engine provides the power that is required for your car to operate correctly. When the engine is not working properly, then it will affect your vehicle’s performance. Fortunately, you can save your time and some dollar by diagnosing engine issues early and finding a solution before they harm more to your vehicle more. Here you will know some sign that clearly indicates your car’s engine has a problem.

Your Car Is Making Strange Noise: A knocking voice that comes from your bonnet is the first sign of your dying engine. This noise indicates that your engine’s mechanical part, like the bearing, piston, or any other moving parts, is damaged. If you hear this kind of noise while the engine starts, then you should avoid this used car.

Starting Problem: Most used car has a problem starting, and they delay in starting. But if the engine is in good condition, the vehicle can start on the first attempt. If you have to attempt multiple times to start a car, it means there is some serious issue in the engine or ignition system. You should ask about car owners or dealerships selling used cars if the vehicle doesn’t start in one or two attempts.

Leakage of Oil: Leakage of oil is also a sign of a serious issue with the engine. If you buy a used car and see oil leakage, then you need to open the bonnet and check the engine carefully for any visible sign of oil leakage. However, small oil leakage is usual in some used cars, but if you see large spots of oil on the engine, then maybe any internal part or gaskets are damaged. You should avoid this vehicle if you see any kind of oil leakage sign.

Smell From Engine: When you visit to buy a used car, you must take a ride for a few minutes. After the ride, you have to stop the car and open the bonnet to see if there is any kind of smell coming from the engine. Sometimes burning smell comes from a used car’s engine, which means low oil level and incomplete combustion. A burning smell also means that there is a worn component inside the engine.

Inspect The Bottom of The Vehicle: Used car dealers often wash and polish the vehicle before showing it to a buyer. Though, they forget to clean the bottom side of the car mostly when they wash the vehicle. So you can check the underside of the car to find any sign of damage. You can ignore some things like greasy spots or plain dirt, but if you see beads or drips of fluids, then the engine may be damaged. Analyze for clumps or wet spots of oil sludge at the bottom of the car.

A new oil or wet dirt is a signal of some issues, so you need to notice what you are seeing. Don’t hesitate to take any stick or rod to see how they might be muddy, caked on, drippy or slimy. If you want to buy a car, then you can choose a dealer who offers Finance A Used Car With Bad Credit.

Inspect The Internal Parts: To know about the internal part of the engine, you have to remove the oil cap. To check the internal component, first, switch off the engine and remove the oil cap with a cloth because it can be hot. Now you can easily see some internal parts. If the parts are clean, then everything is good, but if you see a lot of sludge or carbon deposits, it means the engine has no good maintenance history.

Coolant Leakage: A coolant helps to provide cooling to the engine. If you see leaking coolant from the radiator, then there may be some crack or damage in the radiator. A damaged radiator may lead to severe problems in the car. So it is best to ignore purchasing such a used vehicle.

Inspect The Turbo: If the car starts on a turbocharger, you will not be able to check it while the car is starting. However, you can check the turbo by ensuring the turbocharger is connected or see any kind of leaks and make sure there is no rust on it.

Belt and Hoses: When you buy a used car, you should ask the dealer when they last changed the car’s hoses and belts. When you see more cracks on the rubber, it means these pieces need replacement soon, but if you see a few cracks, then you should just try to repair them.


As we know, a well-maintained engine is key to having a great car and a trouble-free ownership experience. Here you have learned some important things that you should know about engines before buying a vehicle. However, if you don’t have so much knowledge about the car’s engine, then you can hire an expert who will help you in checking everything. You can visit a Dealerships Selling Used Cars to purchase a vehicle.

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