Why Should You Buy A Toyota Pre Owned In Houston TX - Toyota RAV4?

Used Toyota For Sale In Houston TX

Toyota RAV 4 is a compact crossover that can compete every year for SUV of the year. It’s available in a hybrid version for those who are environmentally conscious, as well as a four-door SUV with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The pre-owned Toyota RAV 4 may be the right vehicle for you if you prefer the utility of an SUV while keeping a smaller footprint. We offer many benefits when you purchase a pre-owned Toyota RAV 4 from Toyota Dealers Used Cars In Houston TX. Here, we have compiled a list of some outstanding reasons to buy a used Toyota RAV4 in Texas –

Authentic Off-Road Capabilities – Toyota Cars For Sale In Houston TX: The Toyota RAV 4 also stands apart from its competitors when it comes to its off-road capabilities. It has very good ground clearance for a crossover vehicle, and its roof rails are quite high. With all-wheel drive and fog lights, the RAV 4’s Adventure trim package is the most off-road friendly of them all. This trim package further makes the RAV 4 an off-road beast.

Admirable Towing Capacities – Toyota Used Cars In Houston TX: It’s common for crossovers to lack some of the benefits of their bigger SUV brothers. Not so with the Toyota RAV 4. The Adventure trim package allows you to pull an impressive 3,500 pounds. Aside from the ability to traverse rough terrain, this model of the RAV 4 also tows a boat or trailer when you’re venturing outside.

Impressive Steering & Handling – Toyota Pre Owned In Houston TX: To make the RAV 4 aerodynamic, stable, and easy to drive, Toyota engineers designed a steering system that’s responsive and accurate. Even in bad weather or on rough terrain, the RAV 4 handles well. It is even more true for the all-wheel-drive models. The XSE Hybrid is perfect for those who like a sporty feel to steering and handling. This is an SUV that handles like a sports car.

Spacious Interior – Toyota Dealers Used Cars In Houston TX: One of the main reasons to own a crossover SUV is the extra space that it provides. The Toyota RAV 4 does not disappoint here, too. Every row of seats offers plenty of headroom and legroom to accommodate even your tallest passengers. The rear cargo space is easily accessible and provides just the right load height, and since the rear seats can be lowered even further, there is even more room for cargo.

Dynamic Torque Vectoring – Certified Used Toyota In Houston TX: There is a Dynamic Torque Vectoring All-Wheel Drive with Rear Driveline Disconnect standard on AWD models. This system works to keep the car stable while providing great traction. It provides up to 50% of the torque to the rear wheels. As a result, it can then distribute the torque between the left and right wheels as needed. This is one of the reasons why the Toyota RAV 4 feels great to drive. It also improves the vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

We hope these benefits will convince you to purchase a pre-owned Toyota RAV 4. If you want to learn more about the Toyota RAV 4, then we encourage you to schedule a test drive on our Houston Direct Auto website. You will be able to find many used Toyota RAV 4 models available at our dealership when you are looking for Toyota Used Cars In Houston TX. Alongside, our staff help car shoppers in choosing the right vehicle as per their daily needs as well as in getting approved for a car loan easily. For further information, contact our experienced staff or stop by our car dealership today !!

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