Why Is It Great To Purchase A Used Nissan Kicks In 2021?

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The long-term popularity of SUVs has recently been evolving into a greater desire for slightly smaller crossover vehicles, and the Nissan Kicks is a perfect example of what a crossover can offer – Nissan Cars For Sale Near Me In Houston TX. The design of the crossover gives it some extra versatility in terms of carrying passengers and cargo, and overall, it feels fun and sporty. While several features come standard, drivers will especially appreciate the automatic emergency braking system. Here, we have compiled a few topmost reasons why you should consider the Nissan Kicks in 2021.

Automatic Emergency Braking – Used Nissan For Sale In Houston TX:

As a feature of its 360 Safety Shield package, the Kicks offers a suite of driver-assist features. It comprises automatic emergency braking and rear braking. It helps drivers by monitoring a front collision because another vehicle is in front of it. If sensors detect any problem, it sends alerts and applies the brakes on its own if the driver can’t react quickly enough. Furthermore, its rear braking applies the same idea as the Kicks can slow or stop the car to avoid hitting something behind it.

Sporty Interior Features – Used Nissan Cars For Sale In Houston TX:

The Nissan Kicks is an amazing vehicle that feels luxurious inside. The SR trim of Kicks comes with upgraded seats to feature a sport cloth seat and the orange accents make them feel youthful. Moreover, the heated front seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and black accents throughout the cabin. are optional that comes on the SR trim.

Easy to Maneuver:

The Kicks is not the most sportiest crossover SUV in its class, but drivers will find it to be very easy to move about – Used Nissan For Sale In Houston TX. Plus, you’ll never feel uncomfortable when driving on the road. Also, it features predictable steering that helps you to experience a good sense of handling. Meanwhile, when driving around city streets, you’ll surely appreciate its small turning radius.

Top Safety Features – Nissan Car Dealerships Near Me In Houston TX:

The Nissan Kicks proves to be the safest small crossovers that can deliver a secure ride. Plus, all trims of the Kicks offer the assistance of a forward-collision warning with automatic braking. Furthermore, it features blind-spot monitoring that helps drivers in monitoring hidden vehicles. Moreover, the standard backup camera and a 360-degree parking camera is effective on the SR trim.

Nissan Connect Infotainment System – Nissan Cars For Sale Near Me In Houston TX:

Nissan’s infotainment system is far more enjoyable than other systems in its class. Plus, its overall layout is a lot more user-friendly. Moreover, it comes equipped with streamlined menus that allow you to scroll through the various functions. Furthermore, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on the SV and SR trims of the Nissan Kicks.

These are some of the topmost reasons why you should purchase a used Nissan Kicks in 2021. At Houston Direct Auto, we have a wide range of Used Nissan Cars For Sale In Houston TX. Also, we help car shoppers with credit issues by offering numerous in house financing options. Plus, we also provide limited warranties and a free vehicle report to boost shoppers’ confidence. To know more information, feel free to contact us today !!


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