Why buying a used car may be a better option.

Why buying a used car may be a better option

Houston Direct Auto believes buying a Used Car for a large discount is a better choice than purchasing a new car. Here’s why…

Houston Direct Auto loves cars! We are passionate and knowledgeable about cars of all shapes, sizes, makes, models and brands, and that is why here at Houston Direct Auto our work is all play as well as all business. We are in the used car business, and buy and sell used cars in Houston, TX.  So we want to share why buying a used car from us or a used car dealership near you would be the better option. Allow us to explain …… 

When we begin to think and plan of purchasing a car, one of the questions that would for sure pop up in our mind is, should I purchase a new or a used car?  If given a choice we would all prefer to buy ourselves brand new vehicles for sure. After all who wouldn’t want to have a brand new car but the reality is that price matters- all that glow and shine, every part and every inch neat, clean, spotless, every function working flawlessly, the single figures (or very low double) on the odometer, an intriguing (but pleasant) scent inside the car, and that awesome honor of being its first owner and driving it home with pride. As ideal and perfect of a choice purchasing a brand New car may look like, however, it has certain downsides too.

We give you three good reasons (for now) to demonstrate why purchasing a New Car isn’t always the best decision, and why used car from a used car dealership near you would be the better decision.   

Expense: We can all agree that good things don’t come for free and there is a price tag on everything in today’s world. The pride of owning a new car comes at a big price. After the possession of the car, you will either have a big chunk of balance disappear from your account or you will have a big debt burden to manage for a long time, or both. We agree purchasing a used car may have a similar effect, but it may not be of the same magnitude. Buying a used car saves a lot of expense and is better in terms of the value delivered to you. 

Depreciation: Most cars depreciate 20-30% during the first 2 years of ownership. If you do the math, that is a big hit to take. You lose money on it as soon as you drive it off the lot, which means that you lose too much too quickly and will never be able to get it back. Financially it is not the best decision unless you have money you do not mind losing. If you buy a car that’s one or two years old, it’ll still depreciates, but a lot less than a new car. And you’ll escape that big initial hit that the previous owner took. 

Higher Sales Tax and Insurance: Of course since the used car is less expensive the insurance will be less as well.  One of the factors when insurance companies calculate the monthly premium is the value of the car.  The sales tax when buying a car is based on the sales price and since the used car would be less expensive you would therefore pay less tax on this purchase. 

Agree with what we explained?

Then come pay Houston Direct Auto a visit to check out the best deals on used cars lot in Houston, TX (even if you have bad credit or no credit) or check out our website to view our inventory.

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