What Makes The Nissan Rogue Sport A Great Vehicle To Buy In Texas?

Nissan Pre Owned In Houston TX

Nowadays, many people are looking around for compact SUVs and the Nissan Rogue has become a favorite among American families. It is easy to drive and has adequate capacity to handle most situations. The Nissan Rogue Sport also stands out among its competitors. Also, the Rogue Sport rewards buyers with good passenger comfort, strong fuel economy, and an attractive list of standard features. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a capable AWD system which also makes the Rogue a good winter vehicle. To help buyers why they should consider this Nissan Pre Owned In Houston TX, we have compiled a few good reasons below –

Modern Design – Nissan SUV For Sale In Houston TX: The primary reason that makes a used Nissan Rogue Sport a good vehicle to buy is its sleekness and also has a bit of an edge to it. Also, its V-Motion grille catches the eye, and both the headlights and taillights have a boomerang-inspired design. In addition to nice looks, these grills also play an important function. The angles integrated into the exterior design of the vehicle have been carefully thought out. Furthermore, it comes with the Nissan badge and rear spoiler along with the 19-inch machine-finished wheels and fog lights.

Excellent All-Wheel-Drive – Nissan Pre Owned In Houston TX: Regardless the Nissan Rogue Sport is a compact SUV, it still comes with an excellent all-wheel-drive. It can be a key if anyone is ever on the roads when they’re covered in snow. Also, it would be helpful if one has to drive through muddy terrain or on gravel roads in which more traction is required. Moreover, the intelligent all-wheel-drive system can make adjustments almost instantly and eliminates the need for drivers to manually switch between two-wheel and four-wheel drive.

Massive Cargo Space – Used Nissan Cars For Sale In Houston TX: It is another good reason that makes the Nissan Rogue Sport a great vehicle. It offers around 22.9 cubic feet of cargo room. This gives people a lot of space to carry groceries, luggage, sports equipment, or other types of gear. Moreover, this space can be expanded by folding down the rear seats whenever people need more space to accommodate bulky items, like snowboards or furniture. It offers around 61.1 feet of cargo capacity when rear seats are lowered.

ProPilot Assist System: This is one of the most advanced systems you can find on a used Rogue Sport. The ProPilot Assist system is designed to offer a semi-autonomous driving experience. In addition to making long trips more rewarding on the highway, this system also helps take the stress out of driving in stop-and-go traffic. Moreover, A front-mounted camera enables the system to keep drivers centered in their lane.

Advanced Driving Technology – Nissan Cars For Sale Near Me In Houston TX: Last but now least, keeping the vehicle safer on the roads is the topmost priority for any automobile company. They offer several innovative systems to keep vehicles as well as passengers safer on the roads. Also, the Hill Start Assist prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when it has been stopped on a hill. The Intelligent Engine Brake system makes deceleration less jerky, which can be greatly appreciated in stop-and-go traffic. Furthermore, it also features Active Ride Control that smooths out the ride whenever the vehicle goes over bumps by adjusting braking and engine torque.

These are some of the good reasons for considering a used Nissan Rogue Sport in Texas. If you’re searching for Used Nissan Cars For Sale In Houston TX, you should stop by Houston Direct Auto today! We have an extensive collection of reliable and affordable used cars available in our inventory. Also, our staff assists car shoppers in getting approved for the car loan by offering dozens of in house financing options. Moreover, we provide limited warranties and a free CarFax report to satisfy and build the confidence of buyers. For any queries or information, feel free to contact us anytime!!


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