What Makes The Nissan Armada A Great SUV To Consider In 2022?

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For anyone looking to purchase a full-sized SUV, the Nissan Armada is an outstanding choice. If you have an especially large family, then the Nissan Armada is a perfect choice as it is surprisingly spacious. It has the most seats of any full-size SUV in its class. Also, the vehicle has the most power than any vehicle in its class. Plus, its towing and off-road capabilities are appreciable. Its 8,500 pounds towing capacity is nearly a match for powerhouses like the Ram 1500 pickup. In this article, we have compiled a few things that make the Nissan Armada a great used vehicle to consider in 2022 –

Solid Reliability Rating – Nissan Car Dealerships Near Me In Houston TX: The primary reason for considering the Nissan Armada is its solid reliability rating. It has a current rating of 3.5 out of 5.0 which is quite impressive. Also, it has much the same characteristics as Nissan’s other vehicles when it comes to reliability. This makes it second in a group of 14 full-size SUVs available in the market. Plus, the average annual repair cost hangs around $600 which is much lower.

Spacious and Luxurious Interior: The Nissan Armada features a luxury interior that you will not find in any vehicle in its price range. The interior is large and roomy and your passengers will have plenty of headroom. Also, you can have a carload and still, everyone will enjoy plenty of room for their legs and elbows. The attention to detail for the interior is impressive. All of the materials used on the inside of the Armada are of the highest quality. Furthermore, the seats are extremely comfortable, especially the driver and front-passenger seats.

The Intelligent Mobility Suite – Nissan Used Cars In Houston TX: Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility technology is their version of driver-assist packages. It features several options to keep the vehicle safe while helping to move toward a zero-collision environment. For instance, Intelligent Cruise Control adjusts the vehicle’s speed, so the driver doesn’t have to constantly brake and accelerate in fluctuating traffic. When sensors detect a sudden slowdown, the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning alerts the driver to slow down.

Amazing Towing Capacity – Nissan Cars For Sale In Houston TX: The Nissan Armada is not just for hauling passengers and cargo. It has some serious towing potential as well. This is in large part due to the massive amounts of torque produced by the V-8 engine. When properly set up, your Armada will be able to tow up to 8,500 pounds. The ability to tow a trailer or a boat is a nice perk for a vehicle that is already perfect for long road trips.

Impressive Safety Features – Nissan Cars For Sale Near Me In Houston TX: Last but not least, the Nissan Armada was designed to transport a bunch of people. You’ll be glad to know that Nissan has put a lot of thought into how to keep them all safe. It comes equipped with some impressive and modern safety features like forward-collision alert, a blind-spot warning and an intelligent blind-spot intervention warning system. Furthermore, you will get rear-view cameras that help you see what’s behind you.

These are some of the good reasons for considering a used Nissan Armada. If you are searching for reliable and affordable pre-owned vehicles, you should stop by Houston Direct Auto once. We have a large selection of used cars of different makes and models in our inventory. Also, our staff helps in getting approved for the car loan with bad credit issues. Plus, we provide limited warranties along with each vehicle to boost car shoppers’ confidence. To know further details, contact us anytime !!


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