What Makes The Mercedes Benz GLC Class A Great Vehicle To Buy?

Used Mercedes Benz In Houston TX

The Luxury Compact SUV category offers many options for buyers, however, the Mercedes Benz GLC Class is an amazing compact SUV that lives up to the reputation established by other vehicles available in the Mercedes lineup. This Used Mercedes Benz In Houston TX comes equipped with a fuel-efficient engine, stunningly smooth ride quality, and luxury galore that makes it difficult to ignore and put its rivals to shame in several ways. Below, we have mentioned a few good reasons that make the GLC Class a good vehicle to buy in 2021.

Plenty of Cargo Space – Used Mercedes Benz In Houston TX: The primary reason for considering the GLC Class is its cargo space which is quite generous. There are 19.4 cubic feet of cargo space when all seats are in place. Also, the area can be expanded to 56.5 cubic feet when the seats are folded down. Moreover, while the rear seats do not fold completely flat, they fold down far enough to allow for the storage of items like golf clubs.

4MATIC All-Wheel-Drive – Used Mercedes For Sale In Houston TX: The Mercedes Benz offers its signature all-wheel-drive system that is available on the GLC Class at every trim level. The GLC can handle any road condition with intelligent traction control, offering the superior command of the vehicle along with the four-wheel independent suspension.

Infotainment Upgrades: Another reason to consider the GLC CLass is getting an upgraded infotainment system. It has a standard 10.5 touch screen display. Also, it features the MBUX infotainment system. Plus, the updated infotainment system offers drivers voice command capabilities as well as operation functions on the steering wheel, the touchpad on the console, and the screen itself. Moreover, the GLC-Class has Android Auto and Apple Carplay standards.

Advanced Voice Control System – Mercedes Benz For Sale In Houston TX: The Mercedes Benz has packed the GLC Class with advanced vehicle control technology. The MBUX system and other features of the vehicle can be operated by an intuitional voice command system that adjusts the vehicle based on previous commands.

Numerous Driver Aids: Last but not least, the automobile market is booming with advanced safety technology for vehicles as drivers are demanding more standard driver aids. The Mercedes Benz GLC Class has quite an extensive list of them. Also, the GLC Class has nailed it at semi-autonomous driving. Plus, the adaptive cruise control maintains a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead at all times and isn’t panicky when another vehicle cuts in front of the GLC. Additionally, steering and lanes keep assisting help to make the semi-autonomous system effective on the highway and main roads.

These are some of the good reasons why you should consider buying a used Mercedes Benz GLC Class in 2021. If you are looking for high-quality luxury automobiles in Texas, you should stop by Houston Direct Auto today! Here, we have a large number of used cars available for sale including Used Mercedes Benz In Houston TX. Also, our staff helps car shoppers in getting approved for the car loan by offering numerous in house financing options. Plus, we offer free statewide shipping to help buyers in getting their dream vehicle from the comfort of home. For more details, feel free to call us today!!


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