What Are Some Pros of Considering A Used Audi S5?

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Many drivers recognize the Audi S5 as a powerful coupe that delivers plenty of fun. Although the Audi S5 coupe is an exciting driving machine, it still offers a very satisfying ride. Also, the eye-catching figure of the S5 pushes it further ahead of the competition. It comes equipped with the Audi’s renowned Quattro AWD system that provides an incredible amount of traction. While this Used Audi For Sale In Houston TX is more expensive than the average coupe, it does offer excellent build quality. Furthermore, the car’s razor-sharp handling and beautiful styling will fascinate some buyers. To help buyers know why should they choose a used Audi S5, we have compiled a list of some good reasons below –

Powerful Engine – Audi Cars For Sale In Houston TX: The primary reason for considering the S5 is it has a powerful engine. With the support of a supercharger, the S5’s V-6 engine can pump out an exciting 333 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. When comparing it with other vehicles in the same segment, the car feels like producing even more power. Also, when tested by a professional driver, the Audi S5 accelerated to 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds.

Quattro AWD System: The Audi S5 comes equipped with Audi’s most popular AWD system. A lot of car shoppers are aware of Audi’s Quattro AWD system. Fortunately, the AWD system lives up to its reputation on the Audi S5. When traveling simultaneously on a snow-packed highway, the extra traction will help keep drivers safe. Also, drivers will appreciate the enhanced cornering provided by the Quattro AWD system.

Impressive Appearance – Audi Pre Owned In Houston TX: Many automotive enthusiasts continue to appreciate the Audi S5 for its remarkable design. While the Audi S5 has not introduced multiple updates over the last few years, it is still among the best-looking coupes on the road. The 18-inch wheels come standard. Also, promised buyers can upgrade to 19-inch wheels if desired. Furthermore, LED running lights and taillights also give the S5 a very modern appearance.

Advanced Safety Equipment – Used Audi For Sale In Houston TX: Some drivers may be satisfied with just the basic safety equipment. However, others will desire high-tech upgrades. When going on a long road trip, its adaptive cruise control system will make driving less of a burden. Moreover, other active safety features include a blind-spot monitor, parking sensors, and an automatic braking system.

Strong Braking System: When compared to the average car, the Audi S5 has excellent stopping power. The heavy-duty braking system will provide drivers with an extra measure of self-confidence on the road. When cruising at a speed of 60 mph, the coupe can come to a complete stop in only 108 feet.

Convertible Model – Audi Used Cars In Houston TX: Last but not least, some buyers will love the open-air performance of the S5 convertible model. Although the drop-top model is not available with a manual transmission, it still offers an exciting driving experience. Like the coupe version, the convertible can also be equipped with adaptive suspension dampers.

These are some good reasons for considering a used Audi S5 as your next dream vehicle. If you are searching for a reliable Audi Pre Owned In Houston TX, you should visit Houston Direct Auto once. It is the USA’s most reputed car dealership. We have an extensive selection of vehicles including various luxury and economy vehicles. Also, our finance department helps car shoppers in getting approved for the loan by offering plenty of in house financing options. Plus, we provide limited warranties and a free CarFax report attached along with each used vehicle. To know more, feel free to contact us today!

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