What Are Some Good Reasons For Considering A Used Honda CR-Z In Texas?

Honda Used Cars In Houston TX

The Honda CR-Z is one of the sleekest little cars available on the used automotive market today. It is built with luxury and performance in mind. Also, it has the sharp look of a race car with a more affordable price tag. Drivers seeking sporty driving should look no further than the Honda CR-Z which is the sole hybrid offered with a manual gearbox. Moreover, this Certified Used Honda In Houston TX comes with a hybrid powertrain and has an option for a six-speed manual transmission to bring about sporty hybrid fun. To help buyers know why should they consider a used CR-Z, below we have compiled a list of

Elegant Exterior Design – Certified Used Honda In Houston TX: The primary benefit for considering this vehicle is it allows drivers to customize their rides and pick a paint color. The CR-Z comes in six different shades. It includes Aegean blue metallic, jet black or Milano red. Furthermore, both the EX and EX-L models come equipped with HID headlights. These headlights automatically come on and turn off based on the amount of available light outside.

Start/Stop Button – Used Hondas For Sale In Houston TX: Another good reason for considering a used Honda CR-Z is it comes with a push-button start. It is located right on the dashboard. Drivers simply push this button to start the engine, and they can press the button again to turn the engine off. Also, a bright red finish to the button makes it easy to find.

Great Fuel Mileage – Honda Used Cars In Houston TX: The Honda CR-Z gets better gas mileage than many other cars on the road today. Drivers can expect to get up to 39 mpg while driving on the highway and similar roads. Also, it gets up to 36 mpg in the city.

Automatic Parking Brake & Hill Start Assist: Drivers will never forget to disengage the parking brake when they hit the road. Fortunately, the Honda CR-Z will automatically detect if the parking brake is still engaged and shut it off. It helps prevent damage to the engine. Also, the Honda CR-Z now comes with Hill Start Assist that makes it easy to get the car moving up a hill or while parked on a hill. Plus, this gives the driver time to make any necessary adjustments.

Outstanding Safety Aids – Honda Dealership Used Cars In Houston TX: Last but not least, the Honda CR-Z comes equipped with plenty of driver safety aids to avoid accidents. It is easier than ever because of the rearview camera that comes standard. It gives the driver multiple views of any areas behind or around the car on the crystal clear console. Also, drivers can see any obstacles before backing or pulling out. Furthermore, the CR-Z comes equipped with the Honda LaneWatch. It helps drivers keep their eyes on the road. This feature uses tiny cameras placed along the body of the car to help drivers identify any pedestrians, vehicles or other obstacles.

These are a few reasons that make purchasing the Honda CR-Z a good decision. At Houston Direct Auto, we have an extensive selection of reliable and affordable used cars including Certified Used Honda In Houston TX. Our staff has adequate knowledge and experience to help car shoppers in choosing the right vehicle. Buyers will also get limited warranties and a free CarFAx vehicle history report to satisfy and build the confidence of buyers. To know more details, feel free to contact us today!!


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