Used Nissan Versa - A Cheapest Sedan You Will Find In The Market

Used Nissan Cars For Sale In Houston TX

The Nissan Versa was introduced to the American automobile market in 2006 and it still ranks on top in several lists for its affordability. Also, the Versa has a long history within the 21st century. Plus, it is among the cheapest sedans you’ll find on today’s market. Also, this vehicle is the perfect match for families who are trying to save money as it offers a roomy design and good fuel economy. To help you know why you should purchase the Nissan Versa, here we have compiled a few reasons to consider a used one – Nissan Car Dealerships Near Me In Houston TX.

Cheap To Maintain – Used Nissan Cars For Sale In Houston TX:

Not only the Nissan Versa come with an inexpensive price tag, but also it is a vehicle that is cheap to maintain. However, a few regular maintenance services like oil changes and brake pad replacements could be costly. Furthermore, you’ll also enjoy Versa’s fuel-saving design. When paired with an automatic CVT, it can return a combined 34 mpg on regular gas. Manual-equipped models are just a bit less economical which is about getting 30 mpg.

Very Roomy Interior – Used Nissan For Sale In Houston TX:

Although the Nissan competes against other subcompact sedans, it can easily accommodate a large family. Its big backseat gives the Nissan Versa a key advantage in its class. Also, parents can easily install a child safety seat to get ample knee room. Furthermore, this inexpensive vehicle comes with an impressive cargo capacity which is around 15 cubic inches of trunk space.

User-Friendly Infotainment System – Nissan Cars For Sale Near Me In Houston TX:

When it comes to the infotainment system, drivers will enjoy Versa’s simple touch-screen display. Despite its most advanced infotainment system, this system is user-friendly. Plus, when integrating your smartphone into the system, it only takes a few seconds. Moreover, you will also get benefitted from voice recognition that helps you to avoid becoming distracted while at the wheel.

Designed With Safety:

The Nissan automakers have designed a feature-filled body and a special shape to ensure the safety of everyone in the car if there is a crash – Used Nissan Cars For Sale In Houston TX. The Zone Body has integrated hood buckling, unique safety stops, and an energy-absorbing steering column. Plus, points that can injure someone during a collision are detailed carefully to create maximum safety for the car’s occupants.

Plenty Of Useful Upgrades – Nissan Car Dealerships Near Me In Houston TX:

The Nissan Versa can become a more fulfilling commuter vehicle when it gets equipped with the available backup camera. Plus, you can also stream your favorite music when you enable Bluetooth audio. Also, the Nissan Versa comes loaded with the Hands-free text messaging feature that every driver can benefit from.

These are some of the topmost reasons why you should purchase a used Nissan Versa in 2021. If you’re searching for the best place to search for used cars, you should visit Houston Direct Auto today! Here, we have plenty of Nissan Cars For Sale Near Me In Houston TX which you can purchase at the lowest prices. Plus, we also help credit-challenged buyers by offering dozens of in-house financing options. We also provide limited warranties and a free CARFAX vehicle history report to boost buyers’ confidence at our car lot. For more details, feel free to contact us today !!


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