Used Mercedes Benz Sprinter - A Great Commercial Van For Business Owners

Used Mercedes For Sale In Houston TX

Those who are in the used automobile market for a commercial van should take a serious look at the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. While this automobile is designed to work hard, still it offers plenty of advanced safety features at a reasonable cost. The Sprinter comes in a variety of sizes and payload capacities to ensure a good match for many different types of companies and make it more than just a basic vehicle for moving people and cargo. Moreover, businesses will do well if they utilize Sprinters in their line. In this article, we have compiled a list of a few good reasons that help you when considering a used Sprinter in Texas.

Class-Leading Specifications – Used Mercedes Benz In Houston TX: The Mercedes Benz Sprinter leads the pack in many ways. The 5,000-pound tow rating leads within its class. Thanks to a dually rear axle, the biggest Sprinter offers 516 cubic feet of cargo space. Plus, the payload is also remarkable across its lineup. The Sprinter’s highest model allows you to handle over a maximum of 6,735 pounds which is undoubtedly best-in-class.

Automatic Driving & Braking Assistance – Used Mercedes For Sale In Houston TX: This Mercedes Benz comes equipped with a Distance Assist DISTRONIC which is a radar-based system that can reduce the speed as low as 16 miles per hour when pedestrians or slowing vehicles are detected. When traffic moves again, the van can pick up speed and continue at the desired setting. Plus, when the driver is controlling the vehicle, the system will sound an acoustic warning and autonomously reduce speed to prevent an accident.

Excellent Connectivity – Used Mercedes In Houston TX: The Mercedes Benz can only offer the MBUX touch screen infotainment system. It is a 7-inch touchscreen display that works with intelligent voice control. Plus, drivers will find it easy to stay in touch with the office. Also, it has an optional navigation system that shows drivers the best distance between two points. Plus, it comes with an optional wireless charger and standard USB ports to maintain your smartphone battery.

Downhill Speed Control – Mercedes Benz For Sale In Houston TX: The engine, transmission, and braking functions can be changed when the driver chooses the Downhill Speed Control feature. This feature is available with the 4WD drivetrain. At speeds of 2 to 11 miles per hour, the van can change braking, gearing, and torque to manage a load as it goes down an approach. Like cruise control, the driver simply pushes a cockpit button. The steering wheel buttons can be used to adjust speed. This device reduces wear and tear on the brakes and provides for safer downhill travel at slow speeds.

These are few good reasons for considering a used Mercedes Benz Sprinter in Texas. At Houston Direct Auto, we have a large number of high-quality vehicles available in our inventory such as Used Mercedes Benz In Houston TX. Our staff helps credit-challenged car shoppers by offering numerous in-house financing options. Also, we provide free deliveries across the state to help car shoppers in getting their dream used vehicle from the comfort of home. Moreover, buyers will also get a free CarFax vehicle history report and limited warranties to satisfy and boost confidence. To know more information, feel free to contact us today!!


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