Used Cars for Sale: Fastest Selling Used Cars in 2022

Stricter regulation is making it tough for new car manufacturing to keep up, so dealerships are resorting to investing in quality used or certified pre-owned inventory. However, leaving a car on the lot for a long period of time can become too expensive. In 2022, which are some of the fastest-selling used vehicles?

iSeeCars1 used data for model years 2016-2020 in order to answer this question.

The trend they found matches with what the experts have been saying all year. With the price of gas climbing, more and more car buyers are looking for fuel-efficient cars. Of the top ten fastest-selling used cars, one of them is a gas-only vehicle, with the rest being hybrids and/or fully electric. Of the top ten, four were Teslas and there are also hydrogen cars to keep your eye on. But at present, there are still some impediments preventing them from becoming an entirely feasible option.

Let’s cruise through the top ten fastest-selling used cars in March 2022, that way you can start to buy them online.

10. Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition’s 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds* is something to boast about. So are 480 horsepower and 634 pound-feet of torque,** a 260-mile EPA-estimated range, and convenient nighttime charging options. 

This car offers a smooth ride, a roomy interior, and an estimated range of 305 miles. Ford is positioning the Mustang Mach-E as a formidable competitor for Tesla in the EV race.

Crossover vehicle

Electric engine type

The drive type is rear-wheel drive

The average number of days spent on a lot is 35.1

The average price is $58,984

9. Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt has been discontinued, but it is a powerful hybrid option for people who feel priced out of hybrid cars. It supports an all-new body architecture and three alternative drive systems, and its all-electric lineup is capable of a wide range of performance and driving characteristics. you can have the driving experience you want with front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive.

Type of car: hatchback

The car has a hybrid engine type.

Driving type: front-wheel.

Average workdays on set: 35

Median price: $23,026


8. Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s least expensive and most compact model, averaging 272 miles on a single charge. Tesla Model 3 is 5-star rated by the NHTSA in every category and subcategory.

Recognized as Top Safety Pick Plus. Model 3 received a perfect safety rating of ‘IIHS Top Safety Pick+’ in all crashworthiness and front crash prevention categories. 

The car type is a sedan.

The engine is an electric one.

Type: rear-wheel drive

The average on-set working days last 34.7 hours.

Average cost: $49,394

7. Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a high-performance electric vehicle with great storage for cargo, an impressive range on a single charge of 405 miles, and a sleek design. Compared to other production cars, the Model S Plaid has the fastest acceleration. The updated battery architecture also enables back-to-back track runs without performance degradation.

Car type: a sedan.

Type of engine: electric

Vehicle type: all-wheel drive.

Everyday the average number of on-lot transactions is 34.4.

Median price: $85,103

6. Mazda 3 Sedan

Mazda’s 3 Sedan is a stylish compact car. It is the only fully gas vehicle on the list. Teenagers will also enjoy driving it. With its sporty handling, premium interior, and stylish exterior, the Mazda 3 knows how to stand out in a crowd. Several engines are available with the Mazda 3 for 2022, including: it offers a solid midlevel engine, a 2.5-liter engine with a non-turbo 2.0-liter engine, as well as the impressive 2.5-liter turbo that makes its base price more attractive. A special feature of the Mazda 3 is its all-wheel drive system, which can be beneficial to those who live in cold and wet climates.

Type of vehicle: sedan

Gasoline engine type

The drive type is front-wheel drive

There are 34.3 days on average on a lot

Price: $25,157 on average

5. Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota’s Prius Prime is known for its fuel efficiency. The hybrid system allows it to get 133 mpg.

Hatchback: type of vehicle

Hybrid engine type

Front-wheel drive is the drive type

A lot spends an average of 32.8 days on the market

The average price is $29,163

4. Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is their SUV model. Even though it’s a luxury car, it also has safety and space because it’s an SUV.

Vehicle Type: Sport Utility Vehicle

The type of engine is electric.

Drive Type: Four-wheel Drive

On average, 29.5 days a month.

The average price of this product is $65,949.

3. Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

In addition to being an affordable hybrid, the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid has the advantage of being a hatchback, which enables customers to carry a greater amount of cargo than a sedan.

Hatchback type of vehicle

Hybrid engine

Front-wheel drive is the drive type

29.4 days on average on a lot

$24,098 is the average price

2. Honda Insight

Honda Insight is a fuel-efficient car that can reliably get you from point A to point B and it is a car you may find on your next car ride with one of these new hybrids. The new Insight by Honda can best be seen as the spiritual successor to the hybrid Civic. Like a Civic but more efficient, this Insight provides that extra quiet during low speeds, excellent fuel economy, and a familiar size and shape. 

Make: car type: sedan

The engine type is a hybrid.

Drive type: front wheel.

We averaged about 28.9 working days per month.

This brand runs at an average price of $26,853.

1. Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X, a powerful electric crossover with a high price tag, wins the fastest-selling used car award. The Model X Plaid is the most powerful and fastest SUV ever built. The updated battery architecture delivers instant torque at almost any speed. 

Luxury crossover mid-size vehicle

Electric engine type

AWD is the drive type

Days on lot: 28 on average

$90,406 is the average price

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