Three of the Easiest Cars to Drive

Three of the Easiest Cars to Drive

When you’re a beginner, the last thing you want to do is get your hands on a vehicle that’s difficult to drive while on the road. If you’re not confident in your driving skills, especially during heavy traffic, then you need to buy a car that’s easy to drive.

A good option would be to buy your first car from dealerships selling used cars as they have unlimited vehicles available that you can drive effortlessly around town.  Make sure your first vehicle has all the controls within view when you’re on the driver’s seat. Keep a lookout for driving assistance and safety features so that you’re able to protect yourself in a potential car crash. 

Take the car out for a spin before purchasing it, so that you understand how the controls work and see if it’s ideal for you. 

Following are our picks of the easiest cars to drive for beginners. 

Chevrolet Volt

The Volt is a model known and praised widely because it’s incredibly easy to drive. It’s a hybrid vehicle so not only will you save the cost of fuel, you’ll also significantly reduce your impact on the environment. 

If you want a comfortable driver’s seat, then this is the perfect vehicle for you. Moreover, you won’t have to use the brake pedal when you need to slow the car down. All you need to do is pull the paddle on the steering wheel. 

The best part is that you’ll have all the relevant information like battery charge behind the steering wheel so you can stay informed throughout the ride.

Subaru BRZ

Every driver has a dream of driving their very own sports car. If you want your first car to be nothing less than extraordinary, then you should get your hands on the Subaru BRZ. 

It’s extremely responsive and comes with numerous driving assistance features. These include a tire pressure monitor, brake assist and vehicle stability control that make it great for first timers who wish to drive comfortably in luxurious cars. 

Honda Ridgeline – 

Used Honda For Sale

The Honda Ridgeline is another standout vehicle that’s sure to make driving a piece of cake for you. It’s a pickup truck with a number of safety and driver assistance features that make it one of the safest vehicles to drive.

Some of these features include lane keeping assist system, collision mitigation system, road departure mitigation system, brake assist, tire pressure monitoring system, intelligent traction management, adaptive cruise control, blind spot information system and many more. 

Honda Used Cars – It doesn’t compromise on looks either. Make a bold statement with the Ridgeline and drive it confidently across the city. 


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