Take A Look At The Tech Features Of The Used BMW In Houston TX - BMW X2

It is possible to get a luxurious car without paying much money if you choose to purchase a Used BMW In Houston TX or your city. There are lots of models and trims introduced by BMW automakers. And the BMW X2 is one of the most luxurious SUVs available on the market. Whenever you buy a BMW you expect it to come loaded with plenty of technology and first-class amenities to enhance your drive around town. The X2’s tech components give it a high sense of upscale and user-friendly appeal. The following list includes a few topmost and most convenient features that you love when owning a Certified Used BMW In Houston TX. Take a look!

Wireless Device Charging: The primary feature that excites many buyers is the wireless device charging system. You can enjoy it along with many other features of BMW Used Cars In Houston TX, such as wireless charging instead of plugging in your phone to charge. There is a magnetic field that conducts electricity from the charger to the battery, thus charging your phone.

Navigation System – Used BMW For Sale Near Me In Houston TX: The navigation system utilizes satellite waves to detect the vehicle’s position and pinpoint a particular spot on the road. This technique is widely used to provide directions to a destination via the infotainment system’s touch screen. It can also update about traffic and road accidents.

Blind-Spot Monitoring – Used BMW In Houston TX: Located on the side mirrors, it uses cameras or sensors to detect vehicles in the adjacent lanes. This is an important safety feature, helping to keep drivers from switching lanes too quickly. If changing lanes is unsafe, it beeps to alert the driver.

Electronic Stability Control: With the help of the safety tech system, the BMW X2 is stabilized by reducing and detecting traction loss. This makes it easier to keep the vehicle on the road while reducing traction vulnerabilities.

Automatic Climate Control – Certified Used BMW In Houston TX: When you purchase a used BMW, it becomes too easy to maintain a suitable interior temperature by utilizing the outside weather. Also, you can adjust the temperature according to your preferences like hot or cold.

Forward Collision Warning: It is another great safety feature that Drivers are notified when an obstruction is approaching and are urged to apply the brakes if the road ahead is not clear.

Parking Sensors – Cheapest BMW In Houston TX: The sensors are located on the bumpers of trucks and cars. They detect objects approaching from behind and alert the driver through the center console. This feature is useful mainly in crowded areas.

Automatic Emergency Braking: Last but not least, the BMW X2 comes equipped with an automatic emergency braking system. If the vehicle detects an oncoming collision, it will instinctively apply the brakes without the driver having to press the brake pedal.

These are some of the topmost and most convenient technologies you will enjoy when owning a Used BMW Near Me In Houston TX. At Houston Direct Auto, we always welcome new and returning customers. We have an extensive selection of reliable used vehicles including the Cheapest BMW In Houston TX. Along with that, our staff also help credit-challenged car shoppers in getting approved for the car loan. Furthermore, we provide limited warranties and a free vehicle history report that satisfies buyers. In your free time, you can pass by our dealership and get to experience more tech components of the BMW X2. For further details, contact our experienced team members today !!



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