Some Top Reasons To Purchase A Used Mercedes Benz GLS Class In Texas

Used Mercedes For Sale In Houston TX

When you’re in the American market for a luxury full-size SUV, the Mercedes Benz GLS Class could be an excellent choice. However, there are lots of people who can’t afford these pricey options. Luckily, those people can fulfil their desire of owning a luxury vehicle like Mercedes Benz GLS Class by considering a used model of Mercedes Benz For Sale In Houston TX. This is a four doors SUV that offers a rear hatch and can fit up to seven adult-sized passengers comfortably while allowing them to keep their cargo. Also, it rewards buyers with the style, performance & craftsmanship that everyone could expect from the Mercedes Benz. In this article, we have listed a few top reasons to purchase a used Mercedes Benz GLS Class in Texas.

Plenty Of Room For Passengers & Cargo – Used Mercedes For Sale In Houston TX:

The Mercedes Benz GLS Class is a great people hauler. There are three rows of seats in this massive SUV. Also, these luxurious seats can easily accommodate up to seven adult-size passengers. Plus, it offers plenty of storage room to keep your cargo and groceries. The base cargo area comes in at around 17.4 cubic feet of space and can be increased to 84.7 cubic feet by folding down the third-row seat.

Impressive Steering and Handling – Used Mercedes Benz In Houston TX:

When it comes to driving this large SUV, it feels more like driving a much smaller vehicle. The 9-speed automatic transmission system shifts smoothly and accurately. Also, its steering is solid and accurate at any speed. Furthermore, it does a good job of gripping around curves and the brakes can stop the SUV at a much shorter distance than possible.

Amazing Towing Capabilities – Used Mercedes In Houston TX:

The Mercedes Benz GLS Class is a luxury vehicle for a lot of passengers and cargo. Also, it offers some impressive utility features. Plus, it can tow as well as any other luxury SUV on the road. With the proper equipment, it can tow up to 7,700 pounds.

Off-Road Package – Mercedes Benz For Sale In Houston TX:

The Mercedes Benz GLS Class comes equipped with a special off-road package. It gives you more ground clearance, upgraded shocks and better overall performance. Also, this SUV has good off-road credibility.

Outstanding Safety Features:

The Mercedes Benz GLS Class comes loaded with lots of great features to keep you and your passengers safe – Used Mercedes Benz In Houston TX. These features include rear-view cameras, a forward-collision warning system and emergency braking. Furthermore, the driver-attention monitor makes sure that you don’t nod off on long drives. Also, there are lots of optional features including a blind-spot warning, & active lane control to keep you safe behind the wheel.

These are some of the top reasons to consider a used Mercedes Benz GLS Class in Texas. If you’re searching for a Used Mercedes For Sale In Houston TX, you should stop-by Houston Direct Auto today! We have hundreds of used cars available for several makes and models. Also, we provide dozens of in house financing options to help car shoppers with bad credit & no credit issues. Plus, we offer a free CARFAX vehicle history report along with each vehicle in our inventory to help buyers know more about vehicles they’re interested in. For more information, feel free to contact us today !!

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