Six Stunning Luxury Sedans For 2020

Six Stunning Luxury Sedans For 2020

If you are looking to purchase a luxury Sedan that can fulfill your wants and desires, dealers at Best Used Car Dealership In Houston have done the research for you here is a list of the Best Luxury Sedans with different innovative features.

1. Audi A8 – The Audi A8 is a deadly combination of luxury, comfort, and automotive dynamic refinement. It is available with Automatic transmission. It is a five-seater Sedan and has a length of 5302 mm, a width of 1945 mm, and a wheelbase of 3127 mm. It has plenty of digital features available in the interior. Its touch input can control various comfort and infotainment functions.

Key Features (2017-2019 Base Trim Model):-
•  4 Zone Automatic Climate Control
•  Electric Adjustable Front Seats
•  Anti-Lock Braking System
•  Panoramic Sunroof
•  Audio System Remote Control
•  MMI Infotainment Interface with Navigation System


2. BMW 650

Used BMW For Sale

– BMW 650 is a deadly combination of elegance and sportiness which delivers awesome performance and refined handling. It is a two-door styling in a full-size Sedan. It offers Driver Assistance Package such as blind-spot detection, lane-departure warning, and an automated parking assistant.
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Key Features (Base 2017-2019 Model):-
•  Automated Parking Assistant
•  HD Radio and Bluetooth Wireless Connection
•  Dual-zone Automatic Climate Control
•  Anti-Lock Brakes
•  Automatic Stability Control
•  Apple CarPlay Capability (2018-2019 only)


3. BMW 740 – The 2019 BMW 7 Series is a full-size Luxury Sedan which seats up to five passengers. It has standard luxury features that include a panoramic moon-roof, a power trunk lid, soft-closing doors, an air suspension, four-zone automatic air conditioning, and a digital instrument cluster. The 7 series is amazing, quick, and comfortable, with a luxurious interior.

Key Features (Base 2017-2019 Model):-
•  Rear cross-traffic alert
•  Apple CarPlay Smartphone Connectivity
•  Power Trunk Lid and Soft-Closing Doors
•  Eight Speed Automatic Transmission
•  Rear or All-wheel Drive


4. Porsche Panamera – Among some of the amazing super luxury car competitors, the Porsche Panamera stands out as a true driver’s car. Its configuration includes three body styles: the Standard four doors, the Wagonlike Sport Turismo, and the Extended-wheelbase Executive.

Key Features (2017-2019 Model Years):-
•  Refined and Robust Engine
•  Spacious and flexible seats
•  Lots of Cargo space available
•  Head-up Display
•  Apple CarPlay Capability


5. Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG– The Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG is a premium compact Sedan that is a combination of luxury and sportiness. It gives a smooth ride with comfort mode. The 450 AMG‘s transmission is a true 7-speed automatic and there is standard 4MATIC all-wheel-drive that has a 2/3 rear bias.

Key Features (On the base trim 2016 450 AMG):-
•  AMG-themed interior styling
•  Sport front seats
•  Keyless entry and ignition
•  Satellite Radio and Parking Sensors
•  Turbocharged Engine
•  4 WD/AWD


6. Mercedes-Benz S550

Used Mercedes For Sale

– If you are looking for a full-size Luxury Sedan with Luxury and sophistication, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a great choice for you. It has a 4.7L turbocharged V8 with 449 horsepower.

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Key Features (2017 Models):-
•  Run Flat Tires
•  Power Liftgate
•  Auto Cruise Control
•  Turbo Charged Engine
•  Parking Sensors
•  Cabin Air-purification and fragrance system


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