Review of Maserati Levante Trofeo 2022: Flawed, Fun and Favolissimo

The Maserati Levante Trofeo is a beautiful, quick and fun-to-drive vehicle that offers an intriguing alternative to the more ubiquitous, super-luxury SUVs. Professional testers have found it an enjoyable and distinctive ride, albeit with certain imperfections.

The Maserati Levante Trofeo stands out in the SUV super-luxury arena with its top-notch performance and exquisite craftsmanship. The Levante may cost more than comparable models from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-AMG, Land Rover and Audi, but you won’t see another like it in the parking lot at your golf club dinners. This exclusive super-luxury SUV has been tailored to exacting standards with high-spec engines and exquisite interiors, making it a top choice for those demanding a rare, high-end driving experience. The Levante Trofeo makes a bold statement and is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

The Maserati Levante Trofeo: from a storied, decades-old Italian brand known for expensive luxury goods, high style-consciousness, and blisteringly fast sports cars comes the most luxurious, most capable Italian SUV. I drove one for a week to find out if this stylish road rocket could keep up with its counterparts from German and British luxury SUVs and see if the Italians have what it takes to compete in this increasingly crowded market. Professional and meticulous, explore the amazing features, expert performance and luxury quality to discover if the Maserati Levante Trofeo is the right choice for you.

Looking Stylish, But Getting Too Familiar?

The immediately striking aspect of the Maserati Levante is its exquisite, near-immaculate design; from the front to the back, from its aggressive grille to the feline headlights – the look is absolute perfection. While the design has become somewhat familiar over the years, given its similarity to Mazda’s CX-50 and Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio SUV, one can only admire the engineering and thought put into its every detail. The Grecale, a smaller compact SUV that slots below the Levante, uses a slightly different design, differing enough to stand out and have its appeal known. Yet even with its few years of life, the Levante continues to display a high level of sophistication, its appeal ever-lasting.

No matter the imitation, the fact that other brands are following the lead of the Maserati Levante speaks volumes and is a high form of praise. The classic two-box design of the Levante packs a punch of power and aggression, with details such as the ‘vent ports’ on the front fenders making it a formidable presence, even for a drive-through at Taco Bell. The Levante’s sleek and muscular styling stands tall above the competition, paying tribute to the signature Maserati brand.

Lots of Stellantis Inside?

Step into the Levante’s cabin, and two competing schools of thought greet you. On the one hand, the cabin’s shapes and materials should be of the highest quality, luxurious and visually impressive. On the other, being one of many brands under the Stellantis umbrella, it stands to reason that part-sharing is expected. 

This theory is mostly implemented competently. Quilted leather, a faux-suede Alcantara headliner and other racy shapes and designs show luxury. In contrast, the traditional round gauges and straight, true stitching on the dash and doors show attention to detail. On the other hand, the abundance of cheap-looking carbon fibre trim mars the overall effect and reveals an approach of parts sharing rather than bespoke craftsmanship.

The expertly crafted buttons, switches and screens in the luxurious Levante’s interior prove that part-sharing is inevitable. The steering wheel stalks and window controls, for example, are taken straight from the Jeep Grand Cherokee, as are the climate control buttons. Though this practice may appear counterintuitive, it is not necessarily bad. The switchgear feels high quality, and it’s highly unlikely that customers cross-shopping a Maserati and a Grand Cherokee would notice or care. The other elements used are insignificant as long as the controls look and feel appropriate for a six-figure vehicle such as the Levante (which they do).

The Levante’s 8.4-inch touchscreen is one of the finest on the market, running a highly intuitive and beautifully presented Maserati-themed version of Stellantis’ Uconnect multimedia system. Easily navigable and lightning-fast to respond, it is the perfect combination of quality and style.

The front seats of the Ferrari offer great comfort and visibility, with supportive yet minimal bolsters adorned with a traditional leather pattern that dates back to its design 60 years ago. Although the backseat offers ample legroom and headroom, the odd seat-bolster shape may cause discomfort to your backseat passengers as it puts a hard, padded section directly on their tailbones. If your passengers require a longer journey, this could be a problem, and they will likely voice their complaints.

The Levante may take care of drivers up front, but a competitor from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Porsche better serves passengers in the back and their cargo. In fact, the SUV’s 20 cubic feet of estimated cargo room falls a bit short compared to other automakers’ offerings. Due to the Levante’s somewhat high load floor, although that may not be a concern for those who don’t intend to do much cargo hauling. To sum up: if cargo capacity is important when selecting a high-performance SUV, you may be better off considering another vehicle.

A Creative Alternative to the Mainstream

The 2022 Maserati Levante combines Italian fashion and advanced engineering in a stylish, truly athletic SUV. Despite the massive price spread ranging from the GT trim with a 345-hp V-6 (starting from $92,000 including destination) to the Trofeo model costing nearly $169,000, this vehicle offers a thrilling drive. Yet, for the asking price, it is fair to expect an interior upgrade to match the excellence of the rest of the vehicle. Even with options, the Trofeo I tested was priced at $173,550, which is considerably higher than competing vehicles that offer more customization and technology. 

The Maserati Levante is a formidable SUV that provides a luxurious, thrilling ride. Yet, to truly take advantage of its asking price, it needs an interior upgrade to match its excellence. 

The Levante is an option if you’re looking to pay a premium for the exclusive experience with the Maserati name. It may be costly, but the luxuries included are worth it. The MC20 and MC20 Cielo sports cars and the upcoming GranTurismo Folgore all-electric coupe demonstrate Maserati’s commitment to reenergizing the brand. With its vehicle customization program, Maserati offers every owner a unique and personalized experience. The Levante Trofeo is undeniably flawed and expensive, but it is a fun luxury SUV that introduces some Italian characters into a predominately German segment.

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