Our Unique Style Speaks for itself. We hand pick our inventory from thousand of cars every week

Our Unique Style Speaks for itself. We hand pick our inventory from thousand of cars every week

 Every single day the world of automobile’s is evolving and cars just keep getting better and better in terms of performance, technology, design, appearance, and features. With so many cool new features and exciting changes everyone at some point in time wants to upgrade their ride.  Houston Direct Auto provides high quality used cars in Houston, Texas with an aim to provide competitive pricing and financing terms for all customers.

Below are the types of Used Car we have in our inventory. 


Some need a big car with a lot of space to accommodate the entire family the husband, wife, 5 children, 2 dogs a cat and some more if required and then there are some that need a car that has space for just two people i.e. A Coupe.  It usually has a limited rear space, a fixed roof of which a portion may be openable, at least two seats in at least one row, two side doors and possibly a rear opening, and at least two side windows. Coupes are sporty, lightweight and high performance. If you love coupes we have them in almost all brand names and price points.   


Everyone loves and appreciates a convertible. There are two types of drivers in the world – those that love convertibles and everyone else. We all have at least once, or maybe more, dreamt of owning a convertible car. Convertibles often make heads turn and it’s hard not to fall in love with these beauties. They are powerful, fast and beautiful cars that offer great visibility, versatility, and sporty and stylish look. It would be a great choice if you are all about ‘Style’ and like the outdoor feel. 


Minivans are immensely practical and flexible— they can seat up to 8 on one trip, and carry 4×8 sheets of plywood or paneling on the next and … well, you get what we mean. They get reasonable gas mileage, can tow a moderate size U-Haul and have sliding doors that are easy to get in and out of. For large families, business owners, artisans, minivans are a great means of transport. They are easy to drive, economical and easy to maintain.   


Sedans can vary in size, length and of course price, but for a car to be called a sedan it generally means that it needs to have four doors, engine in the front, a passenger cabin in the middle, trunk in the back. For the most part, sedans are cushy, smooth, and full of passenger amenities and designed for daily, utility driving with an emphasis on comfort and reliability, and a pinch of driving excitement. 


Sport Utility Vehicles are most widely known as SUV’s. Like cars, SUVs has different classes and sizes. Typical features of an SUV include seating for five to seven people, high seating and road positioning, roomy interior, non-dedicated trunk space, high engine capacity, high center of gravity, high ground-clearance and especially four- or all-wheel-drive capability for on-road or off-road ability.


Modern trucks are all fantastic vehicles. They are big and they have a lot of room inside, somewhat economical, easy to maneuver, and are absolute beasts with the ability to haul or pull just about anything. Despite the macho and tough image trucks can be quite posh and can be pretty darn luxurious.  This year which is 2019 there are trucks with just as many features as a luxury car.

We have over 450 vehicles in our used car inventory and always have a large selection of makes and models. Your dream car is probably hiding in our used car lot. Come visit us in person or visit our website to find out more info.

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