Know About The Coolest Features Of The Tesla Model S

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Buying a luxury car is everyone’s dream. Whether you are buying for yourself or gifting your teen, everyone wants to purchase a vehicle that has lots of features. To know about car features, you can search on the internet, or you can ask from in house financing dealerships near me. Many people don’t know the importance of features so they don’t focus on them. But they are really helpful in driving; here you will know some cool features of the tesla S.

Few cars in automotive history will forever remain all-time favorites and icons for their excellent innovation. The Tesla Model S comes in this category as Tesla’s first fully in-house made model. Every year many new and better EV vehicles come on the market, but the model S’ popularity does not go down. This vehicle proved that electric vehicles might be desirable and commercially viable.

Since its launch in 2012, Tesla has constantly improved the famous four-door sedan. The company has no intention of discontinuing the tesla model S which shows great battery range, unlocking new levels of performance, and new technology with many models introduced in the class. Because of the popularity of the vehicle, many buy here pay here auto dealers near me keep it in their stock. As with any automotive vehicle, the tesla model S is not perfect, it has some flaws, but it has many cool features. Here you will learn about some of the features that will help you, and you will surely love it. So without wasting time, let’s begin.

Ludicrous Plus Mode

To use the full power and potential of the Tesla’s drivetrain, you have to put your car into ludicrous mode. This is a reference to the satirical film “space balls,” in which the speedometer of the spaceship has four options to control speed- light, ridiculous, ludicrous, and plaid. If we talk about the newest updates, then you will get features in ludicrous plus mode.

You can turn on it by holding down the ludicrous option that you will see in the setting menu for five seconds. When you do this, it will increase the hyperspace animation shown above. Now buyers are then told that ludicrous plus will accelerate wear on the battery, gearbox, and motor. Though some model doesn’t have this feature, so if you want it, then you have to get it from buy here pay here car dealerships near me. Users get two options if they want to continue: “yes, bring it on” or “no, I want my mommy.” If you choose yes, then you are able to unlock the ability to reach from zero to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds.


Autopilot is Tesla’s most popular feature of active driver assistance. This feature is capable of managing the brakes, throttle, and steering in some particular situations. This system monitors the map to know where the car should go and what’s going on in one lane. If you drive it on a multi-lane, then it easily changes lanes without the driver having to turn the wheel if the side lane is clear and the driver activates the car’s turn signal option. This is the best feature for those who mostly drive alone.


The supercharger feature is Tesla’s network or charging station for fast chargers. So if you are looking for an EV car in Texas that charges fast, then the tesla S is best for you; check out in house financing car lots now. Right now, Tesla offers this facility of a fast charger in the United States. This supercharger allows drivers to recharge hundreds of miles of range in only an hour, and this is the best for daily commuters. The supercharger only works with tesla now so if you want to purchase a car that takes less time to charge and runs more miles, then the tesla model S is great for you.

Over-The-Air Updates

The model S is the first luxury car in the market to provide software upgrades via over-the-air updates. The tesla model S offers a new update just like your phone; it can download new software over time that introduces new capabilities and irons out bugs.

These features are easy to use, and if you find any difficulties in using them, you can ask your buy here pay here dealerships near me. Ludicrous plus mode, autopilot updates, and many other improvements have been added to this model. All owners receive a Tesla model with this feature. Tesla will offer the Model S with lots of cameras designed to give access to full self-driving capability through a future software update.

Web Browser

This is another cool feature that you will get from the Tesla Model S. The internet helps to enable a built-in web browser. For safety purposes, you may not watch video on the screen, but everything is well-planned. Many users analyze that though it is a cool and unique feature, it takes so much time to load. Scrolling the webpage is also slow and jittery; sometimes, the image fails to load, or it is a work in progress.

Streaming Services

As you know, tesla S in house financing cars near me has an internet connection facility to offer software updates; it can be also able to bundle in audio-streaming services like tunein and slacker. Slacker helps you to create radio stations and add to your favorite by thumbing a song up or down. Tunein is a famous function because it allows you to connect to live radio stations nationwide. No matter where you are now in the United States, you are able to listen to any station easily.

Auto–Raising Suspension

Today, many luxury or off-road cars come with air suspension that allows the vehicle to manage the firmness of the ride as per driving situations. For sporty driving conditions, you might want firmer suspension, but on the road, you may require it to be soft and nice.

Another benefit of the suspension is that it allows users to control the height of the car. On the road, you may want the vehicle to hunker down for aerodynamics, but you will have to increase it to clear speed bumps when you reach the destination. To buy the tesla model S, you can search for the best place to buy used cars if you have a tight budget. This car remembers everything; if you manually increase it at a particular point, the car notices it and remembers the spot. It automatically enhances the next time you go over the same area.

Advanced Parking Sensors

You can find parking sensors in many models because it is not new, but tesla has improved them. If this sensor detects anything, it starts beeping, and they are fully blaring when you are three vehicle lengths away from a parked vehicle.

Tesla handles everything differently. When this system detects any object, it will show you where the object is being detected and how far it is from a vehicle. Though some people think it is tough to understand, you can understand easily through its yellow and red lines. So search pay here buy here car lots near me and buy a tesla S to enjoy your ride.

Easter Eggs

The tesla model S comes with many hidden features that are fun to mess around with. You will get a hidden cowbell and drawing pad that will help you to practice your artistry from the comfort of the vehicle.

The Key

The tesla provides a cute car-shaped key to operate the Tesla S model, and this key is pretty clever. With the help of pushing some buttons of the cute little car, you can operate many things like unlock the car, open the front trunk, open the trunk, or lock the car. When you chain together a double tap and hold the little car’s roof with a tap to the back or front, you are able to activate summon. You can pull or push the car without you even being inside through this key, you have to pull it back or front, and the car goes forward or backward until it detects something in its way. If you are struggling with a low credit score and your loan is rejected by the bank, then you should select a dealer that offers in house financing near me.

The App

If you want to use something else or don’t want to use a key to activate summon, then the app option is for you. The app also performs the same function as the key does, like locking or unlocking the car, triggering the horn, or flashing the light. On your phone, you can see where the car is and how much charge is left. The app also allows you to control the climate of your car no matter where you are.

Conclusion –

These are some coolest features that you will get and enjoy in the tesla model S. To enjoy your ride with these features, you must look in house finance car lots near me now and buy this vehicle from a trustworthy dealer.


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