Is it good to Jump-Start A Used Car?

The most terrible thing is finding your car’s battery dead when you get late for work in the morning. Or when you are going out with your loved one and forget to switch off the light, and now you are standing with a car that refuses to start and leave the parking lot. Situations like this can happen anytime with anyone, and the only way to get out of this situation is if you know how to jump-start a car. However, there are many reasons for your car not starting up, but most of the time, you will find the reason the battery has drained out. If your car’s battery drained out at this time when it should not have, then you need to take urgent help from an expert. You can see any vehicle dealership near me for help.

However, many people are not able to start their car because of any major technical failure, so in this case, you need to contact with roadside assistance provider. If it is a case of the battery drained out, then you can jump-start the car and go back on the road. But in every process, you need to do some things, and some don’t. So here we will know a few things about how to jump-start a car.

Reasons Of Your Car Battery Drain Out

There can be many reasons for your car’s battery draining out; here, we will discuss some usual causes.
Car headlights left on after parking: the first reason for the battery draining out is leaving car headlights on after parking and leave it. Car makers understand this problem, so they have started installing alarm systems. This alarm is set off once the driver opens the doors and the headlights are still turned on. Though, this system needs a driver’s attention.

A left music system turned on: this is a common mistake many people make at some point in their lives. When you turn on the music system and mute it for talking to friends, or ask someone for a way and leave the music system on with the key in the used car. As a result, your battery is dead.

Charge devices for a long time: this is the biggest and most common reason behind battery draining out. Many people leave their electronic devices like tablets and smartphones on charging and forget to unplug them. These small devices can drink up all battery power if you do not pay attention for a long time.

Why Do You Need To Jump-Start A Used Car?

If you face so many problems with your car, then you need to find the best place to sell a car. However, you should know when your car has a mechanical problem or your car needs a jump start.

When you start your used car, the battery plays a very important role in initiating the ignition process. The time when the ignition process starts, the starter motors need a high dose of electric current. This motor helps to turn on the car’s flywheel, next initiate the crankshaft rotation that leads to the compression stroke, and then glows plug as per the types of fuel you use. In simple word, the battery is the main source of starting motor that needs high electric current to work.

When your car’s battery can’t provide sufficient energy to the motor, it finds difficulties in starting the vehicle. In this situation, you need to jump-start a car by offering extra electric charge by another car’s battery to start your car. However, you have other options too, like push start your car, but for that, you may require the lungs of an Everest climber along with great strength and an empty stretch. Therefore, knowing the way to jump-start a car is always the best option.

The Best Way To Jump-Start Your Car

Finding an excellent helpful person to help is always easier than finding a jump cable if you are stuck somewhere. Thus, you need to always put a jump cable in your car. The jump cable helps you anytime in case of emergency or sees someone in distress in the middle of the road. Along with the person who is ready to help and jump cable, you need to follow the below process to jump-start your care.

  • When you start jumping your car, the first thing you should remember is that both cars are turned on while you start the process.
  • Now you need to take the positive end of the jumper cable and plug it into the terminal that has “+” or “POS” written on the dead battery.
  • After that, you need to connect the other end with the same terminal in another good battery in the car.
  • Next, join the negative end of the jumper cable to the same end of the car’s battery.
  • Once you have completed step four, now you need to connect the other negative end of the jumper cable to any metal surface under the hood of your used car that is not painted.
  • Now you need to start the used car with a good battery and keep it on for at least 2-3 minutes.
  • Next, start the dead battery car and remove the cable carefully.
    You do not need to switch off the dead car yet and let it start for at least half an hour so that the battery charges a bit and you can drive your car.

This is the simple way you need to follow to jump-start a car. Suppose you feel your car has the biggest problem, so you can sell car to dealer and trade it.

Once your car’s battery is charged and starts up after the jump start, you should thank the humble person who helped you in a stressful situation. The next thing you need to remember is to keep your car running for some time. This will help your car’s alternator to recharge your own car’s battery to have sufficient power for the next time when you start up the car.

Is Jump-Starting A Car Terrible For Your Car?

The process of jump start will put some stress on your battery and alternator. Though, this process, in many cases, is harmless. After a jump-starting car, a good and healthy battery will be unaffected, and a good battery will recharge when you drive a car. However, if you will not do jump-start properly, then another car may pose some problems for your car. Before doing this process, you need to ensure the vehicle size is the same as other cars. Suddenly the supply of high-power electricity can impact the other car’s electrical system. However, you need to ensure that you will follow all instructions carefully mentioned by the vehicle dealership near me so the car’s battery will not affect.

Why Do You Need To Hire Someone To Jump-Start A Car?

Jump-starting your car may be dangerous. When you are stuck on the road, and if possible, it is best to hire a professional to do this process for you. Here we will discuss why you don’t need to jump-start your own car and hire a professional.

When you place the jumper cable on the battery, it starts a fire sometimes because the damaged battery can start a fire. Car batteries have sulfuric acid that can vapor or leak out of a vent, and this vapor might be highly flammable. Jumper cable has the quality to start a spark and can increase these vapors that cause fire or even a big explosion. If the process is not done properly, you can cause severe injuries to yourself and others.

When you are stuck on the road while raining, and you think about jump start, then it can be harmful to you. As you know, water is a good conductor of power. However, it cannot cause you injury, but there are more chances of damage being done to your car.

As you read above, if you don’t start to jump your car correctly, then it can cause damage to the car. Today, all vehicles are made with more electronics inside than ever before. Improper and careless jumping of your used car may cause harm to this electronic system. If you place the jumping cable in the wrong terminal, the chances of a short circuit will increase, or even this part will be damaged. This can be very expensive than hiring a professional.

Hiring a professional for jumping start your car is not tough if you know the right way. You can search on the internet about service providers and call them which are near you. Make sure they offer the best services to ensure you can visit their site and know about their services easily.


We hope you have learned how you can jump-start a car and know whether it is good or bad. But if your car’s battery discharge again and again and you will face so many issues, then you should visit the best place to sell car. You can analyze your budget and visit a dealer to buy a used car. Before buying you need to do some search about it.

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