How To Drive Used Cars Safely To Increase Its Life?

Buying a used car is an important and expensive decision for many people in the country. But after buying a car, people often wonder how to enhance a used car’s life. A used car can be reliable and long-lasting if you have maintained it well. When you treat your car right, then it will not only save your dollar on repairs, but it can also help you to decrease your environmental footprint.

Maintaining your car in a proper way will ensure it provides you with good service for many years. Many people don’t buy or change it again and again, but when you maintain your vehicle, you should not replace it for long. People who don’t maintain their cars then they have to sell them early. However, people think that to maintain and service a car, they need to hire a used car dealer near me, but no, my dear friend, you are able to maintain your car properly by yourself. Here you will know some important things that you should follow, and you can enhance the life of your vehicle. So without wasting time, let’s start.

Tips To Increase Used Car Life

Cleaning And Covering

When you keep your car in sunlight directly and dirt, car paint loses its shine with time. Thus, it is a good idea to keep your car covered in the parking area. When you do this, it will help you prevent the car paint from getting worn because of dust, heat, insect, bird dropping, and so on. Moreover, you need to clean your car on a regular basis and also use wax polish to maintain the paint’s shine. Along with this, you can clean the car every month with a high-pressure jet or hire a used car dealer near me who offer services to clean your car. Always remember a car with roughly maintained paintwork suffers from a decreased resale value in the market. So investing some time and money in servicing and maintaining the car paint now can help you make benefits later.

Be Careful Of The Pavement.

While parking and driving the car, you should always remember about the pavement. When you drive too close to the pavement, it can scratch the wheel and damage the outer surface of the tire. Because of tire damage, the chances of a puncture or tire blow out.

Apply Parking Brake

People will apply a parking brake when they park the car. But they must use a parking brake when they deal with steep inclines on the mountain or hills to ensure that it doesn’t roll back. When you do this, you keep the brakes on the rear axle adjusted and even increase its life. But make sure you do not overuse this; unnecessary usage of the brake can lead to enhanced wear and tear and sometimes can jam the rear brakes. One thing you should know is that the parking brake may be used to keep the rear brake adjusted.

Change The Engine Oil

Engine oil is very important to a car’s engine, just like blood is in your heart. A lake of good quality and correct grade in engine oil can enhance friction in the engine parts. Higher friction occurs because of improper lubrication that can decrease the mileage of the car and cause a fault in engine components. Thus, you need to check the engine oil level every few thousand kilometers and change it with the right grade and good quality oil at the recommended time. For a used car, you can ask the car’s owner for the manual to know the right grade engine oil and the right time to change the oil in your vehicle.

Seal The Holes And Cavities

All manufacturers leave holes and cavities in the body structure of cars for many purposes. If your car also has cavities and holes, then you should seal them by applying wax or grease. When you seal them, you will save your car from getting water inside and causing rust inside.

Always Analyze The Tire Pressure

The tires of your car are the only thing that is constantly in contact with the surface when you drive your car. This is the reason making sure the good health of tires is most important for the overall maintenance and increased life span of the car. You can visit auto dealers near me to learn about the conditions of your tires. First, you should make sure that your car’s tires are inflated in the right way. Moreover, ensure all wheels align properly to avoid uneven wear and tear of your car’s footwear. Correct rotation of the tire is also an essential factor in enhancing the tire’s life. The incorrect pressure not only damaged the tires but due to blowout also increased the chances of an accident. It also increases the chances of damage to various suspension parts.

Replace The Drive Belt And Timing Belt

This is another important tip to increase car life. If you want your car’s engine to run smoothly, then you should ensure that the timing and drive belts are in good condition. You need to replace these belts when you see little cracks because worn-out belts may cause permanent damage to the engine of your car. If the belts are damaged or frayed before the schedule during the warranty period, you can change them free of cost from the dealer.

Protect The Front

If you drive your car so much on highways, small insects splattered on the front end and small stones flung up by the vehicle ahead may damage the bumper and the grille. You should apply a layer of transparent tape before you go on a road trip to avoid such damage.

Avoid Using A Car For Short Trips

If you need to go for a short trip, like 1-2 km, just avoid taking the car out. When you avoid cars for short trips, you ensure that your fuel consumption does not suffer. The reason behind this is cars consume more oil and make high consumption when you start a journey. After 1 or 2 km, your car’s engine starts working at normal temperature, and all parts work in normal conditions. Though, on a short journey, when the engine doesn’t get sufficient time for warm-up, it consumes more fuel and also increases the chances of wear and tear on the motor. When you buy a vehicle from the best place to buy used cars, then they will give some important instructions about what to do and what don’t.

Get Ac Serviced On Time

Most people don’t visit the freezing agent to service or evaporate chemicals from their air conditioning system. But when you don’t replenish chemicals on time, the compressor may suffer some permanent damage. Car manufacturers suggest that you need to get your car’s air conditioning system serviced every three years. Along with this, the blower needs to service regularly to ensure that the ac system works perfectly. Apart from service, you should not turn on the ac when you are not driving.

Avoid Rash Driving

Rash driving affects all components of your vehicle. Because of rash driving, the chance of an accident increases, and you put the lives of not only a driver but even other passengers at risk. Heavy braking and hard acceleration may damage parts in the brakes, clutch, engine, and transmission system. Thus, drive smoothly and increase the speed that you can control. Rash driving is illegal, and it is bad for your and your car’s health. Sometimes, you find yourself in a difficult situation or at risk because of rash driving and over speeding.

Change Gears Smoothly

Suppose you have a car that is equipped with a manual transmission system; you must ensure you change the gears as smoothly as you can. Because of the gear change abruptly, your car’s gear and clutch are damaged quickly and lead to a jerky energy supply. Also, ensure that you don’t rest your foot on the clutch pedal after shifting a gear; if you do this, then it can lead to permanent damage to the clutch pedal. Moreover, you need to pay a high amount of money to maintain your car’s clutch and visit auto sales near me to replace the damaged components.

Engine Warm-Up

As you have read above, that engine takes a few times to warm up and run at normal temperature. When you turn on your car, and after that, start accelerating hard then, the motor may not get lubricated properly. This happens because the engine oil is thick at the initial stage of starting the car. This can increase some serious problems to your car’s exhaust system and engine. So it is the best thing to run the engine ideally for some time before you start your journey.


So use these tips to increase the life of a car, though you need to visit auto dealers near me for servicing. If your car has many problems, such as turning off the car again and again engine and battery do not work properly, then you need to buy a good used car or a new one if you afford it.

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