Genesis GV60 Review- A Car for Fun With Looks to Match

The Genesis GV60, equipped with a plethora of sophisticated tech, distinctively designed to be eye-catching and built to accelerate rapidly, has come close to dethroning Tesla’s Model Y. It offers all the luxury of a pricier Model Y for less money, featuring interior artistry and a gorgeous exterior. The South Korean brand takes two routes when designing its electric vehicles. The Electrified G80 sedan closely mirrors its gas-powered version in both look and feel – perfect for those wanting an EV that looks like your typical everyday luxury car.

Towards the opposite side of the exhibition hall, you will find the 2023 GV60 discussed here. It is based on a modern and novel EV framework utilized by Hyundai and Kia for other vehicles. With its stylish and dazzling design, outrageous interior color mixes, striking highlights, and particulars, plus some outstanding capabilities – it all comes at an economical cost compared to market rivals. (Not ‘inexpensive’ though!) Due to Tesla’s continually rising prices in terms of their Model Y model compared to luxurious cars, the GV60 can be considered an exciting alternate choice for those looking for a Tesla car.


Driving the all-new GV60 electric car is a blast – especially when you push the bright-yellow “Boost” button on the Performance version’s steering wheel. This button delivers a 10-second surge of 483 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque that feels like warp drive from the USS Enterprise.

Those looking for a thrilling ride should go for the uplevel GV60 Performance trim, which pairs two motors for standard all-wheel drive and packs an impressive 429 hp and 446 pounds-feet of torque, a showstopper on the drag strip. When we ran the GV60 Performance against our long-term Model Y Long Range with its Acceleration Boost engaged, which blown out of the water, the GV60 achieved 60 mph in just 3.77 seconds while the Model Y lagged at 4.32 seconds. Experience pure adrenaline with the GV60 Performance’s Boost Mode and see why it’s the ultimate electric sports car.

Despite its extraordinary acceleration time, the Tesla Model Y lagged far behind the Genesis GV60. For those seeking lightning-fast speeds, there is also a Performance version of the Tesla with an impressive 0-60mph rate in just 3.5 seconds. The GV60 is more dynamic than the Model Y and needs some agility when cornering; however, it features a comfortable suspension that fares better than the Tesla’s stiffer option. The GV60 has more appeal as a luxurious grand touring car than a sporting vehicle despite its speedy ability.

Through one-pedal driving enabled by its regenerative braking system, the GV60’s Performance is remarkably efficient. It averages 3+ miles per kilowatt-hour in regular use while offering an EPA estimated range of 248 and 235 miles, respectively, for the Advanced and Performance trims.


At first glance, the GV60’s design is sure to raise eyebrows. Yet, it still has identifiable elements of the Genesis family – such as the brand face that adorns its front end and the diamond-patterned mesh grille underneath the split-level LED headlights. 

Its sides follow a classic Coke bottle shape with bulging fenders and muscular haunches leading up to the oddly shaped chrome finish in the back, along with more split-level taillights. 

As unconventional as they may be, these features mark the GV60 unmistakably as a Genesis vehicle, providing a hint of what one might expect from its cabin’s equally unique design cues.


Upon taking a seat in the Genesis GV60, it becomes immediately evident that the width of its cabin is expansive, not only as wide as its Hyundai Ioniq 5 sibling but notably shorter. It affords two sizeable occupants ample space alongside an equally sizable center console complete with cup holders and various control buttons. 

Though undoubtedly innovative, what sets this interior apart is certainly its unique range of colors. Last seen in bespoke Ferrari or Bentley models, one may observe blues paired with lime greens for stitching and piping – a daring fashion statement for any relative newcomer to the automotive industry, such as Genesis. A bold choice – yet it seems to have paid off.

The GV60 offers a state-of-the-art experience with an expansive dual display dominating the dashboard. To the driver’s left is a 12.3-inch customizable gauge cluster screen, and to its right is another 12.3-inch touchscreen running Genesis’ newest multimedia system that operated through either the screen itself or by rotating the knob in the center console. 

This same center console also features a tremendous illuminated sphere that flips when turning on the car, revealing the gear selector. A fingerprint scanner is identical to an older iPhone’s version; it quickly recognizes you, powers up your vehicle, and sets up all preselected settings as soon as contact is made. 

Furthermore, a facial recognition camera (similar to current iPhones) built into the B-pillar at the driver’s side allows for convenient unlocking of car doors without needing manual authorization. However, I need help to recognize myself correctly.


The GV60’s pricing is suitable for its category. Its Advanced trim costs $60,385 with destination charges included, while the Performance trim starts at $69,385. On the other hand, the Long Range Model Y comes with a starting price of $67,440, and its Performance variant has an initial cost of $71,440. 

Though it has a more economical base price than the Model Y, the Genesis offers more remarkable elegance, sophistication and comfort, even if it can’t match up to its rival’s interior room or battery range. There have always been doubts about whether Model Y qualifies as a luxury – while its cost tags scream so, it needs certain opulence and luxury amenities that define such cars. 

As far as GV60 is concerned, there should be no questions left about it being a luxury crossover EV since it features all technologies related to one and thereby reaffirms what’s promised from such car models. This EV model can be found in California, Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Utah, and Washington. For Genesis to prove itself as a big-name brand in the luxury segment, nationwide availability of GV60 would have done great favor.

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