Difference Between SUV and MUV Vehicles

Nowadays, there are various different models available in the market. So if you are going to buy a car, then you should know some basic knowledge about these models. Every model has its different purpose, so the first thing you should know is why you want to buy a used car. When you know the reason behind buying, then you can easily make a decision about which model suits you and fulfill your requirement.

Every model has different qualities and specifications. So before buying a car, you need to know about it and compare it with other models. You can visit any tx auto dealer to learn about all models. In this article, we will discuss some differences between SUVs and MUVs. So without wasting time, let’s begin.

What Is An SUV?

The full form of SUV is a sports utility vehicle, and it is popular for its powerful engine, which delivers powerful performance. The spacious interior of the SUV offers sufficient space for everyone to enjoy their drive comfortably. This model is well known for its reliable performance on varied terrains. So no matter whether it is steep climbs, an off-road journey, or a bumpy city drive, you will surely enjoy a comfortable drive. You can’t ignore the presence of SUVs on the road because it is the beast of roads.

The sports utility vehicle operates on AWD or RWD drive system. However, these systems are quite expensive than MUV counterparts, but you will get an extra set of features in the form of a great engine with good performance. This model has a sporty and powerful look, and it has a wide share of the market. Thus, almost every automobile dealership near me designs and sells it. Though, the SUV model has low fuel efficiency than other regular family cars. This model is best for a large family because it provides 5 and 7 seats.

What Is MUV?

MUV is known as a multipurpose utility vehicle, and it is a subtype of SUV. We can say that MUV is an updated and urban kind of version of a rugged and sporty SUV. The multipurpose utility vehicle has a shape like a city van, so it is cheaper than regular SUVs. This used car is best for a large family because it offers a large passenger capacity than normal 5-seater cars. However, the passenger sitting position is the same in both SUVs and MUVs. But the MUVs are specially made for running on properly developed metal roads.

The MUVs are budget-friendly, and anyone can afford them, but it is quite economical in terms of fuel consumption and average. They don’t look sporty and have a less powerful engine which is more fuel-efficient. MUVs are getting famous in urban areas because of their interior and exterior design, and they usually possess FWD.

The Main Difference Between SUVs And MUV

Above you have read about SUVs and MUVs, but here we will discuss how they are different. There are many things that make every model unique and different from the other. But here you will know some common and main differences, which you should know before buying a used car with financing near me.

1. The biggest difference between a MUV and an SUV is their design. The design of MUVs is derived from a minivan, and the SUV’s design is derived from a truck. The MUV looks like a large sedan with more passenger capacity, but the SUV is made for adventure rides, so it is sturdy and strong like a truck.

2. As you have read above the short form of SUV and MUV are different. SUV stands for a sports utility vehicle, but MUV is known as a multi-utility vehicle.

3. SUVs are well-known as adventure cars and are made for rough terrain and frequent off-roading. But if we talk about MUVs, then they are not suitable for such terrains. They run on a clear and soft road.

4. A multi-utility vehicle generally operates on a front-wheel drive system. Because of FWD, the need for a driveshaft eliminates and makes the interior of the car more spacious. On the other hand, SUVs operate on an auto-wheel drive (AWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD) system.

5. If we talk about the cost of cars then SUV is more expensive than MUVs. MUVs are popular in the market because of their lower price, and their maintenance cost is also less. But the maintenance cost and fuel consumption are high in SUVs, making them more expensive.

6. In terms of engine performance, SUVs beats MUVs because SUVs have more powerful engines. The strength of a MUV engine is less than an SUV’s engine.

7. These two models of cars are also different when their fuel efficiency level is compared. SUVs provide high power mileage and increase fuel expenses. This is the reason sometimes it is called a gas buster because of high fuel exhaustion. While MUVs are well known to be more economical and fuel efficient.

Benefits Of Having SUVs

When you know the benefit of cars, then it is easy for you to decide which is better for you. Every car has different features, so the advantages also vary. So let’s learn about some benefits of SUVs.

Safety: every customer wants to buy a car that offers safety features. The size of the SUV is larger and heavier so that it can easily take the force of a collision more effectively than a smaller one and reduce the chances of injury. This type of car has a wide range of driver alert systems that can alert the driver in a dangerous situation and decrease the risk of driving.

Fuel efficiency: this is the important factor many people consider when buying a used car. Modern SUVs come with great fuel efficiency, which means you can go for a used car with no credit check. However, many high-powered SUVs are available but don’t provide good fuel efficiency, which means they are not cost-efficient.

Good towing capacity: as we all know, SUVs possess high-powered engines and are larger in size, which means they can carry a higher degree of pulling power. Before buying any used vehicle, you need to know about its towing capacity.

Robustness: the car manufacturer of SUVs has shifted their focus to suit the lifestyle of their users; however, they have not lost their robust nature. The SUVs are perfect for off-road goers because they can deal with rough and tough terrain more effectively.

Practicality: as you all know, SUV offers a larger frame that provides you sufficient space to transport loads of luggage without dropping the back seats. This car carries more weight so it can be best for a larger family.

Benefits Of Having MUVs

Good luggage capacity: like SUVs, MUVs are not best for off-road or climbing rivers or small slope terrain, but they can carry high passengers and luggage. They can easily carry heavy roads on normal roads and highways. On normal roads and highways, the MUVs provide the same comfort that sedan offers. However, SUVs have more ground clearance than a sedan but are not suitable for terrains.

Mileage: as you have read above, MUVs are not made for climbing hills and terrains with extra luggage and customer. This car drives safely on normal roads, so it is slightly more efficient but not much.

Price: the price of MUVs is less than SUVs but more than sedans. Along with the price of the car, you don’t need to invest too much in car maintenance and fuel. Its engine is not powerful, so it consumes less fuel.

How To Buy SUVs And MUVs

If you know your requirement clearly, then you can easily decide which car you need to buy. However, before buying a used car, you should make your budget so you will not face any consequences in the future. Some people spend more than their budget on car shopping and then face money problems, and sometimes they don’t purchase essential things.

To buy a used car, you need to first find the best automobile dealerships near me. To find a dealer, you can search on the internet, and you should prefer a local dealer and then go for one outside the town. When you search for dealers, make sure to search for important things like their services, the types of cars they offer, and the prices of cars. To know about them, you can read reviews of their old customer. However, many dealers provide their contact numbers on the website so you can contact them before visiting. You should ask all your doubts and queries about their services if you have any. Don’t get stuck on one dealer; you need to put more than one option on your list. Next, you must visit them and compare theirs before and after services. Now you just need to choose one that fits your requirement.

Some dealers offer financing services so you can ask your dealer about it. If you want to buy an expensive car that doesn’t fit your budget, you can ask the dealer for a loan and finance.


While buying a used car from tx auto dealer, make sure you have done your research, and when you visit a dealer, you negotiate on the car’s price tag.

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