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A coupe is a two-doored vehicle that has less than 33 cubic feet of rear interior volume and therefore an emphasis on both driver and front seat passenger luxury. Coupes for sale have two-seat or four-seat designs, the latter trading in a third backseat for an increase in performance and stylized comfort. The engine can vary from 3-to-8-cylinders, but remember: if it has four doors, it’s not a used coupe for sale.   

All used coupes for sale have a body shell that is rigid and low to the ground, which puts less strain on the suspension and provides the extra smooth ride coupes are famous for. Having two doors instead of four makes the exterior tougher and more flex-resistant because there are less openings, which aside from improving overall handling, also minimizes road vibrations and noise.

From used Honda Accord coupes for sale all the way up to used Mercedes-Benz coupe models, Houston Direct Auto has a wide selection of used coupes for sale to accommodate all price ranges and tastes.





Choosing the Best Used Coupes for Sale 

Here are some considerations that will help you narrow down the selection of used coupes for sale:

  • Fuel Economy – An aerodynamic design gives certain coupes 30 mpg or higher, particularly BMW coupes for sale, despite having a powerful V6 or V8 engine. 
  • Engine Specs – The more cylinders an engine has, the faster it consumes gas. The used BMW I8 is the only coupe on the market with 3-cylinders, though 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and ultra-powerful 8-cylinder coupes are for sale as well.
  • Passengers – Coupes are meant to provide plenty of space for the driver and front passenger. However, even a coupe with a four-seat design will not accommodate large families.






Used Cadillac CTS vs. Cadillac ATS Coupes for Sale 

The Cadillac CTS and the Cadillac ATS are two of the most popular higher-end coupes for sale in Houston, TX. A used Cadillac CTS is over a foot longer than a used Cadillac ATS for sale and has a wider center console as well as 270 horsepower (compared to the 202 horsepower of the ATS).

Find a used Cadillac CTS coupe in Houston, TX.






The Honda Accord Coupe vs. The Honda Civic Coupe 

The Honda Accord and the Honda Civic are two of the more affordable coupes for sale in Houston, TX. The Honda Accord coupe has 185 horsepower compared to the 158 horsepower of the Honda Civic coupe, though the Civic gets an amazing 41 mpg on highways (compared to the Accord’s 35 mpg on the highway). Both have V4 engines, though the Honda Accord has an optional V6 upgrade.






Other Popular Used Coupes for Sale at Houston Direct Auto

Whether you are looking for a BMW 3 series coupe for sale or a Honda Accord coupe, Houston Direct Auto has quality used coupes for sale that fit your budget:

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