A Buying Guide to Used Convertibles For Sale TX USA

A convertible is a fast and maneuverable car known for its retractable roof, which can “convert” from an enclosed cab to an open-air ride at will (hence the car’s name). Convertibles are sold in two-seat or four-seat configurations, trading cargo space and fuel economy in favor of stylish performance rates.

If you are looking at used convertibles for sale, Houston Direct Auto has some invaluable tips to help find the best used convertible car for sale that will match your personal style and traveling needs.

 Used Convertible Car Roofs: Soft Top Vs. Hard Top 

All used convertibles for sale have a roof that can adjust to a raised or lowered position. These roofs are made of different materials that can be classified into two types, soft-top and hard-top convertibles:

  • Soft top – This traditional vinyl or canvas fabric is what gives the convertible its signature two-tone, color-contrasting appeal. Pros and cons of used convertibles for sale with a soft top:
    • Can be safely raised or lowered while traveling at low speeds.
    • Takes up less trunk space when folded into a “bustle”.
    • Generally costs less money.
    • Aerodynamic design that is light and maneuverable.
    • Can unfortunately be slashed by burglars to gain access.
    • Requires special maintenance to protect from UV rays, which can crack the roof.
    • Does not block out road noise as well as hard tops.
    • Initially takes longer to heat or air condition than hard tops.
  • Hard top – Retractable tin roofs make the convertible a single color for a more uniform look. Pros and cons of used convertibles for sale with a hard top:
    • Blocks out road noise more effectively.
    • More secure against vandalism and theft.
    • Retains heat and air conditioning more effectively.
    • Requires no special maintenance, but costs more to repair than soft top roofs.
    • More expensive than soft top convertibles.
    • Can only be adjusted while stationary.
    • Weighs more, slightly impacting overall performance.
    • Has moving parts that take up more trunk space than soft tops.

Manual Vs. Automatic Convertibles

All hard-top convertibles are automatic, meaning the roof retracts with the press of a button. Soft-top convertibles can be automatic or manual. Manual convertibles are always less expensive, but they sometimes require getting out of the car to give the roof a push after latching and unlatching.

 Pop-Up Vs. Fixed Roll Bar Convertibles 

Modern convertibles have a large number of safety features to choose from, including side air bags, parking sensors, rearview cameras, and roll bars to keep everyone safe while the top is down.

Roll bars come in two aesthetic varieties:

  • Pop-up roll bars – Hidden cylinders extend from behind the rear passenger seats upon impact.
  • Fixed roll bar – A highly visible steel arch extends behind the driver and front passenger seats.

Both of these roll bar styles are designed to protect the passengers and vital parts of the car in case of a flip, but it is a visual preference as much as it is a safety feature. Pop-up roll bars only come out when needed and give a “true” convertible look. Always check the safety rating of each model to decide whether pop-up roll bars or a fixed roll bar is the best choice for you.


Convertibles have a low center of gravity that requires a lot of horsepower, so V6 and V8 engines with 4-to-8 cylinders are needed. A used convertible for sale with 200 horsepower is on the low end. Used Jaguar convertibles for sale can easily get over 300 horsepower, the 2010 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Base has 420 horsepower, and the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible has over 500 horsepower.

For some of the best performances on the market, we have a large selection of BMW 6 Series Convertibles and Mercedes Benz convertibles for sale, including the SL-Class, which uses AirScarf technology – a special seat vent by the neck – to keep you cool during those warm Houston nights.

How to Check a Used Convertible for Sale 

Before buying a used convertible for sale in Houston, TX:

  • Check the roof for rips or tears.
  • Make sure the rubber seals around doors and windows are tight.
  • Open and close the roof several times, checking for smoothness.
  • Ask owner to evenly spray roof with a hose to simulate heavy rain, then check inside for leaks.
  • Check interior for water damage or rust.
  • Check seats for water damage or for fading or dryness (sun damage).
  • Check all fluid levels.

 Find the Best Selection of Used Convertibles for Sale at USA Direct Auto

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