Car maintenance tips to keep your car running for many years longer!

Car maintenance tips to keep your car running for many years longer!

 Cars may be inanimate objects but just like us they need to be looked after and cared for to keep them healthy, fit, and to deliver peak performance, which in the driver’s world is referred to as “Car maintenance”. Regular car maintenance can help you keep your car on the road longer and safer, and avoid a big hit on your pocket.

Below is a list that our mechanics at Houston Direct Auto have compiled to help you keep your car functioning smoothly, and preventing minor issues before they become a larger concern.

Take the help of the Owner Manual.

Nothing can be a better preventive measure than following the schedule maintenance in your car’s owner manual. Every car comes with an owner’s manual and it varies widely by the type and brand of vehicle you drive. If you are unable to find one you should be able to find it online on your car manufacturer’s website or you can ask for a copy from your dealer. The owner manual can give you an idea of what to look for and specifies how often to get the car oil changed, advice on tire rotation, fluids, and parts replacement, and other basic car maintenance chores.

Let your car Drink.  Its healthy!

All cars have a drinking problem and by that, we don’t just mean the fuel but also coolant, brake fluid, wiper fluid, and oil. Well, it cannot really be called a drinking problem because your car needs all of these to run smoothly, however, the insufficient supply of any of these could create a problem. Especially, you need to ensure your car has the right quantity and quality of motor engine oil which helps keep the critical parts of the car’s engine lubricated and keeps parts from grinding against each other.  It is good to change your car’s engine oil every 5000 miles. Your car’s owner manual should tell you the service and viscosity requirements and accordingly, you can choose between conventional motor oil or synthetic oil.


One of the reasons why people wait till it’s too late is that they don’t often have the time or don’t like spending money for their car’s regular maintenance at their car service center.  That is why it is highly recommended that you learn some basics of your car and car maintenance to save time and money by doing some auto repair and maintenance yourself. It may not really be a walk in the park, but it isn’t rocket science as well. Learn how to check Fluids, Belts, Hoses, Battery, Air Filter, Tire pressure, Brakes, Wiper blades, etc.  Some maintenance things are not too complicated and can be done at home all by yourself and at your convenience. For thorough maintenance, however, it is always best to take your car to a service center, or an auto mechanic or shop.

Pay Attention

Always be alert and listen to your instincts.  If you feel, see or smell anything unusual or weird, without delay get your car inspected as soon as possible. An unusual noise or shake from your car may be a sign that something is wrong. Most modern cars come with a variety of sophisticated warning systems help identify and fix the issues in the car easily which can sometimes go undetected. Some of these warning lights include – Check Engine light (most dreaded), Service engine light, Oil warning light, Brake light, Coolant warning light, etc.

Remember your car cannot take care of itself.  Delaying preventive maintenance or evident problems, sounds, or leaks will inevitably lead your car to more expensive and time-consuming repairs later on. Regular maintenance is essential for your wallet, your time, and peace of mind. It might seem burdensome, but the effort is worth it over time.

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