Best Place To Sell Car: Guide and Tips

Houston is a huge city, so you may be wondering where to sell your car in Houston. With so many people selling their cars in the city, choosing the right place can be hard because there are so many options out there. These tips will help you figure out where to sell your car in Houston, and get you the best price possible!

Trade in your old car

Each and every car owner faces this dilemma at some point. You’re itching to explore possibilities on a shiny new model, but don’t know how to dispose of your old car. When you buy a new car, trade in your old one. You won’t get top dollar, but the dealer will take it off your hands, which could result in a reduction in your car payments. 

We at Houston Direct Auto are the best place to trade in your old car when selling your car in Houston, finding both local and national listings of dealers buying cars. 

Find Your Car’s Value Before Selling Online 

The next step for selling a car is to know what it’s worth, which you can do using the Kelley Blue Book website. You can find out the value of the car on the private market, at a dealer sale, or as a trade-in. A dealer can also make an Instant Cash Offer on your vehicle, essentially setting a floor on your asking price. It is in your best interest to decide if the extra cash you might get on the private market is worth advertising, showing, and ultimately selling your ride.

Fix What is Not Working

It is said that fixing what is not working is a maxim as old as horse trading. No one wants to buy a broken car, and you’ll see that in the bargain they’ll be willing to offer. Needs TLC will be a good deterrent to would-be customers, so go ahead and replace bald tires, fix the brakes, and replace the cracked windshield. You’ll want to be getting the most money possible.

Be sure to check the important items first—like the brakes, steering, and any faulty lighting components—in the event that a buyer or a potential buyer would request that you take the vehicle to a mechanic to get it looked over. Anticipate this.

Take Lots of Pictures When Selling Online

You no longer need to post just one photo when you sell a car online, you need to show all sides. Make sure the car is clean before the photo is taken. Aim for a location with a good source of light. Don’t shoot any photos after it becomes dark out, or else the photos may come out hazy and dull. However, take photos during the day when the sunlight is not so harsh, to avoid strong shadows on the images. Find a location with a clear, non-distracting background, like a blank concrete wall or an empty parking lot. Avoid spots where the sunlight will cause objects like trees, poles, and fences to cast shadows on the subject.

Remember to capture the entire vehicle and not just one side. It is good to have a picture of each side. Get photos of the front, front 3/4 (also known as an oblique angle), the back, the back 3/4, the passenger’s side, the front and back seats, the dash, the trunk, the engine compartment (which may require a flash), and the undercarriage. People will likely only buy your car if they are convinced it is not rusty. Consequently, be prepared to post a full series of online photos as evidence.

Be Patient with Questions When You Sell Online

The majority of potential buyers will ask many questions about the vehicle, some of which can’t be answered by photos or a VIN report. Be ready to take the vehicle to a mechanic for inspection.

Answer the most telling question of all: Why are you selling the vehicle? An inadequate answer may put off someone who was otherwise willing to buy it.

Be Willing to Negotiate

How to sell a car online means knowing that when you list a vehicle, most people assume there are some wiggle rooms on the price. If you can take away at least a few hundred dollars from your initial price, most buyers will feel more comfortable about the sale.

Being flexible will go a long way towards bringing a faster sale. Don’t sell yourself short.

Ask for a Deposit

Whenever you sell your car online for cash, you want to avoid someone committing to buy and then reneging after you’ve already removed the listing. So, you ask for a deposit to protect yourself. Costs vary according to the price.

For cars and trucks that are less expensive, $500 is a good starting point, but taking 50% or even more of the final purchase price is also acceptable.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal are the most popular electronic payment methods if you’re selling a vehicle online. However, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the service you’re planning to use. Payment options make it easier to close a cash sale before a buyer starts having second thoughts. The sooner you receive a buyer’s payment, the faster you can close the deal.

Many sellers (and buyers, for that matter) prefer cash transactions, so you may need to consider other options, including cashier’s checks.

You can get an Instant Cash Offer from Kelley Blue Book and use it towards the purchase of another car through a participating dealer.

Final Thoughts

There are so many dealerships that buy cars and sell my car houston. The first step is deciding which dealership is best. Â This can seem like an overwhelming task. There are several factors to consider when determining the dealer that is right for you. When you know where your vehicle will sell at the best price or to see if it will fetch a higher auction value than an appraisal value, research two or three potential places before contacting them. It’s not uncommon for dealerships that buy cars or dealerships that sell used cars to offer online auctions of vehicles coming off lease or in demand due to make and model type as well as selling traditional on-site auctions of trade-ins.

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