5 Affordable Luxury Cars of 2019

5 Affordable Luxury Cars of 2019

Luxury cars are luxury for a reason: they’re extremely comfortable, equipped with the latest technology and come with a huge price tag. But what if you could get a high-end, luxurious car without the hefty price but made by that same, impressive automaker? Here are some high-end cars affordable luxury cars that you should consider.


  • Acura ILX


One of the most compact among Acura models is the 2019 Acura ILX, a new and improved version from previous models. It comes with a price much lesser than the upgrades and improvements it has undergone, but that’s what make it a great buy.

It is one of the cheapest luxury cars of 2019, with a luxury feel and all the necessary safety features. You can get this as a Sedan, making it a perfect car for everyday use.


  • Volvo S60


The base version of the Volvo S60 is for almost half the price of any customized model of the same automaker. But, that doesn’t stop this model from feeling just as extravagant as its more expensive peers. 

With a good IIHS rating, 18 inch alloy wheels and fancy, leather seats, this gives you the same experience as any other luxury car. It has the option of an all-wheel drive which reduces its fuel economy, but makes it more practical for difficult terrains.


  • Mercedes-Benz X-Class ute


Although it’s almost impossible to get a good bargain with the Mercedes-Benz, you can get the X-Class ute for nearly 25 percent less than other Mercedes-Benz models. While this automaker doesn’t make the most affordable luxury cars, one model, Pure, is a rear-drive option for less than $40,000, which is a huge advantage for anyone looking for a decent deal.


  • Audi A3


The tiny 2019 Audi may not have as much space as the more expansive models in the Audi family, but its interior still has that same luxurious feel. It feels just like any other Audi, giving you the experience of a lifetime that doesn’t cost a lifetime to save up for.

It’s fancy, shiny, and has a quaint little cabin that is an improvised version of the bigger models. You can get the Sedan or a convertible for a doable price here Used Audi For Sale


  • Lexus UX


Getting a Lexus at a price that you don’t have to give an arm and a leg for is a rare occasion. However, the new Lexus UX comes with front-wheel drive and a horsepower of 169 with a four-cylinder engine. For a little over $33,000, you can get the Lexus brand and image with a minimal price compared to other cars by this automaker.

You can get this as a subcompact crossover, equipped with 22 cu. ft. of cargo space.

Final Word

If you’re looking for used cars in Houston, going for a used luxury car is a great choice. You’re not only getting a reasonable price, you’re also getting a vehicle whose automaker assures you that it is not going to let you down anytime soon. It’s definitely a two-for-one deal, because you get the experience of traveling in style, minus the huge sum of money.

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