4 of the Least Stolen Cars

4 of the Least Stolen Cars

If you can ensure that your car is unlikely to be stolen, you’ll feel a lot safer parking it in unknown places while running errands. You’ll also be less hesitant to buy a car when you know that there are fewer chances of all your money going to waste.

When you’re already putting so much time and energy into deciding on a car, you should keep the anti-theft factor in mind as well. Here are some of the top least stolen cars you’ll find at Houston used car dealerships.

What Does the Highway Loss Data Institute Do?

The Highway Loss Data Institute provides theft reports that give you the opportunity to compare which cars get stolen the least and the most. These reports of theft claims give you a little more insight into that risks attached with any car, so you can find reliable used cars in Houston.


  • BMW 3-Series


This midsize luxury sedan is one of the least stolen cars in America. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), it has a claim frequency of only 4 thefts a year. Most cars have a claim average of 100! If you go for the luxury, sports sedan, you’ll be on the safer side. However, if you go for the all-wheel drive 3 Series, the claim goes up to 21, which is still a much better average than most vehicles.


  • Tesla Model S


The fully electric, luxury Tesla Model S comes with many high-tech additions, like a Ludicrous Mode that makes it a thrilling experience to ride. However, despite the appeal, it remains one of the least favorite for thieves that you’ll find at a car dealership in Texas. With a claim frequency of 11 over a period of 4-5 years, you don’t have to worry with this car.


  • Tesla Model X


With a claim frequency of only 12, the Model X comes as the second Tesla in the least stolen list. This large, luxury SUV is a highly capable and efficient  vehicle. It is quick to start and easy to drive, but that does not mean it’s a favorite among car criminals. If you’re looking for a combination of both class and security, the Model X is the way to go. If you’re wondering what are the best used car dealerships near me that sell this vehicle? Then take a look through used car dealerships in Houston, TX.


  • Chevrolet Equinox


This crossover small SUV is a huge hit among drivers all over the U.S. However, it is surprisingly not as frequently stolen as you might think. With only a relative claim frequency of 15, this car is the perfect representation of luxury and safety. If you can find pre owned car deals for this vehicle, you are setting yourself up for years of security.

Final Words

If you’re thinking, what used auto dealers near me sell reliable used cars in Houston, look no further. Visit Houston Auto Direct to find safe cars for sale in Houston, TX.

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