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Experience the thrill of the all-new 2023 Kia EV6 performance version: rock-solid handling, exhilarating power, and wallet-friendly fun. With the high-performance GT version of this all-electric SUV, you can enjoy the power and agility of a sports car — with none of the hefty price tags. Make your mark in the world of electric vehicles and experience the ultimate driving performance — now with the Kia EV6.

Experience a new level of speed and power with the EV6 GT. Delivering a superior top-end acceleration performance to the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition and a more engaging driving experience than the Tesla Model Y Long Range, the EV6 GT offers a uniquely exhilarating ride. Plus, it comes with a surprisingly attractive price tag – considerably lower than what you’ll find with its competitors.

We were genuinely impressed with the Kia EV6 all-electric SUV, especially when it beat out the Tesla Model Y in a head-to-head comparison of a GT-Line trim level vs. our long-term Model Y Long Range. The comparison consisted of the street, track, and charging tests, and the EV6 excelled in all categories, cementing its place as one of the best all-electric SUVs on the market.


The EV6 GT is ideal for a tight road course experience, thanks to its well-controlled body motions and reliable power. You will be able to feel the car’s considerable heft – mainly when hitting the brakes quickly before entering a turn. The car’s upgraded brakes – with 15-inch ventilated discs in the front and 14.2-inch discs in the rear, plus quad-piston front calipers – will quickly shed speed when you need it. Even with that extra braking power, you can tell the brakes are doing their job.

The EV6 GT is a powerhouse on the drag strip. Its dual-motor drivetrain consistently ran quarter-mile times in the 11.4-second range at around 118mph, outperforming the likes of the Model Y Long Range with its Acceleration Boost unlocked and the Genesis GV60 Performance. Not only did it edge out the competition, but it was also amazed at its ability to maintain its unwavering speed throughout the quarter-mile. The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition faltered considerably and showed unimpressive performance at the drag strip. The EV6 GT offers a compelling combination of power, speed, and endurance – all of which it proved on the track in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

The GT’s summer performance rubber offers unparalleled grip and responsiveness on dry roads, allowing you to take corners confidently. The Eagle F1s are designed for high-performance driving and may pick up small road debris like sand and pebbles, creating a light background sound but don’t be alarmed- the tires remain remarkably quiet. The cabin is also highly well-insulated against road and wind noise, so you won’t need to raise your voice until you reach speeds above 70 mph.

The Kia GT’s new front and rear electric motors are unbelievably powerful, delivering a combined output of 576 horsepower and 545 pounds-feet. This is a significant upgrade from the GT-Line’s all-wheel-drive, which produces 320 hp and 446 lb-ft of torque but is also around 300 pounds lighter. Boasting an impressive 0-60 MPH time of 3.4 seconds and a top of 161 mph, the Kia GT is an unquestionable force on the road!

The EV6 GT may be less efficient and have a shorter driving range than its less powerful siblings, but the difference is much more significant when compared to other performance EVs like the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and GV60. With an EPA-estimated 79 mpg-equivalent combined and an estimated range of only 206 miles, the EV6 GT falls well short of the 109 mpg-equivalent and 282 miles range of the most efficient AWD EV6. So if you’re looking for maximum efficiency and range, the regular EV6 is the better choice.

Interior & Exterior

The EV6GT’s performance comes through in everyday driving and gives it a distinct edge over other EVs. The adaptive suspension tuning keeps the ride firm even in Normal mode and further reduces give in GT mode. It’s not as uncomfortably harsh as the Model Y, nor as noisy, but the EV6GT communicates back to you the overall texture of the road – even if appearances seem smooth, it will still react to hidden bumps and dips. This makes driving an all the more immersive experience.

The dashboard of the new Toyota Audio Multimedia system comes with two displays: an 8-inch touchscreen for the LE and XLE trims or an optional 12.3-inch touchscreen for the Limited top trim. These displays offer simple, user-friendly menus that allow easy access to various features, including audio and navigation settings, air conditioning, and climate controls. The system offers ample screen real estate – more than enough to show everything at once – but the lack of a “home” screen can be slightly confusing. Nonetheless, it’s still a great system that is intuitive and reliable.

The interior of the Prius is an issue – the materials used don’t have the same competitive edge as models such as the latest Kia Niro hybrid. While soft-touch materials are limited (none in the second row), the overall grain and texture look like a much more affordable vehicle than the competition. Despite this, the Prius is still no worse than the previous models, but not better. Toyota must take note of the improvements in technology, controls, and displays that other models are utilizing. The steering wheel, for instance, is an unwelcoming sight, and the seats are either poorly covered fabric on the entry model or an imitation of SofTex leather in upper trims.

Experience the comfort and sophistication of the top Limited trim level of the 2022 Hyundai Sonata with its heated and ventilated front seats. However, only the driver’s seat is power-adjustable—unfortunately, the passenger seat doesn’t offer any power adjustments. Add to these features single-zone automatic climate control, perfect for maximum comfort, and an available panoramic glass roof that doesn’t open to finish the package.


Recent price hikes on EV offerings from Tesla and Ford, such as the Model Y and Mustang Mach-E, have made them quite expensive. The Model Y Performance starts at $71,440, and the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition starts from $77,195 (all prices include destination).

In contrast, the EV6 GT is an incredible performance bargain. Priced from just $62,695, there aren’t any packages to increase the cost, and any extra-cost items are just accessories and specific paint colors. Get a luxury EV’s performance for a fraction of the price!

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