2023 Ford Maverick Tremor Review: Off-Road Package

The Ford Maverick compact pickup truck has proven to be one of the most popular vehicles on the market. For 2023, Ford has introduced the all-new Tremor Off-Road Package for even greater off-road capabilities. Drawing inspiration from the F-150, F-Series Super Duty, and Ranger, the Tremor package includes a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system, a 1-inch increase in ride height, knobbier tires, and subtle style changes. Only the optional turbocharged 2.0-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder engine is available when selecting the Tremor package, ensuring drivers have the power needed for any terrain. The Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package found on XLT or Lariat trims is priced at a reasonable $2,995.


Off-road packages like the Maverick Tremor are some of the best for city driving. The Tremor’s off-road suspension and Falken Wildpeak A/T tires provide exceptional cushioning from bumps and potholes, resulting in a much smoother ride than the regular Mavericks. Coupled with an increased ride height which gives the driver a more confident seating position, the Maverick Tremor is a great choice for city driving.

The Maverick Tremor offers a driving experience that doesn’t feel overly disparate from a regular Maverick. While it’s not quite as precise as a sports car, its handling is far from vague and far more composed than some compact SUVs we’ve driven, eradicating the issue of vagueness present in off-road versions of older trucks. Of course, with greater ride height and suspension, there’s inevitably a bit more body roll in the Tremor. However, these changes are far from disconcerting compared to the dynamic swaying often experienced in an F-150 Raptor. Ultimately, the Maverick Tremor’s design offers a professional, composed drive without sacrificing its off-road capabilities.

Driving the Maverick Tremor has confirmed the driver’s feeling developed while testing the two front-wheel-drive Mavericks: AWD versions launch better from a stop. While FWD Mavericks are not known for excessive torque steer, they struggle to handle unexpected power delivery with wheelspin while unloaded; however, this AWD Maverick handles this situation much more cleanly. Testing a loaded FWD EcoBoost Maverick also revealed a worrying amount of wheel hop during acceleration. It’s unlikely that the Maverick Tremor, with its added weight and more off-road-focused tires, would be the quickest Maverick in the lineup. I’m even debating whether the AWD Maverick EcoBoost without the off-road package would be quicker than the FWD version due to the additional weight. However, I still enjoyed the smoother launch of the AWD.

The Maverick Tremor is the Bronco Sport Badlands in a pickup’s body with a major perk – a longer wheelbase. I recently took the Maverick Tremor down a rough road that would have likely ejected me out of the Bronco Sport Badlands. Although I felt each bump, the Maverick Tremor remained composed and controlled. I believe this is due, in part, to the Tremor’s increased wheelbase of 16 inches. The added length provides a more comfortable ride than Ford’s similarly priced off-road offerings.


The 2022 Ford Maverick Tremor is a powerful off-road vehicle that offers great capabilities for tackling difficult terrain. However, there are three significant issues with driving the Tremor around town. 

Firstly, the turbocharged four-cylinder engine sounds less than ideal, and the lack of sound deadening on the more affordable Maverick models can add to the noise. 

Secondly, the knobby off-road tires generate a more noticeable level of noise and vibrations compared to other Mavericks equipped with street tires. 

Lastly, fuel efficiency is not an area of strength for the Maverick Tremor; observed fuel economy in city-leaning mixed driving ranged from the mid-to-high teens. It noted that more city driving would likely lower that number, although, with a nearly full tank, it predicted over 300 miles of driving range. 

While the EPA rates the EcoBoost-powered 2022 Mavericks with AWD at 22/29/25 mpg, this is not true for the Tremor. Drivers should consider these issues before driving the Maverick Tremor around town.


The raised ride height of the Maverick is both substantial and an improvement. The new fascia also adds a subtle dose of aggression, highlighted by the standard Tremor off-road package graphics, orange grille accents, and unique, orange-accented wheels. Our test vehicle is equipped with the $1,495 Tremor Appearance Package, which further builds on the graphics and grey exterior accents of the Lariat trim. I think the package isn’t worth the additional cost, and you can save by opting out when ordering an XLT trim. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how you want to customize your truck – and make it look exactly how you want it to.


The Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package may seem quite the bargain at a reasonable $33,335 with the additional $2,995 upgrade package, and it offers a lot of capabilities for the money. However, if your typical day-to-day driving doesn’t involve a lot of rough, unpaved roads, opting for the all-wheel drive (AWD) Maverick or even just the front-wheel drive (FWD) variant may do the job just as well – and with reduced financial outlay. Ultimately, the choice falls to the individual consumer, but it’s worth noting the trade-offs of opting for the Tremor package.

With the Tremor package, the payload capacity of the Maverick takes a hit, and towing is limited despite the AWD EcoBoost powertrain. Although this particular Maverick model is highly enjoyable to drive around the city, it is not so much of an upgrade from Cars.com’s long-term hybrid Maverick that I would be willing to sacrifice that much fuel efficiency. Ultimately, these are two of Maverick’s strongest qualities, and losing them isn’t ideal.

A comprehensive Ford Maverick lineup provides buyers with many options, but it’s important to understand that not every Maverick can live up to every expectation. It is essential to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and to understand if the Maverick Tremor is the right choice for your lifestyle. With a professional analysis, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

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