2022 MINI Convertible: Review And Specifications

The 2022 mini convertible is an icon in the automotive market, with its cornucopia of personalization possibilities, cheeky styling, and notoriously sharp handling. It comes in hardtop three, and five-door body styles along with a ragtop convertible, and this car is the brand’s one of the most selling vehicles. Buyers have choices, which mean they can choose between a 189-hp four-cylinder and a 134-hp three-cylinder engine. The four-cylinder engine is a great match to the mini’s fun-to-drive chassis. Because of mini convertibles’ popularity, all Small Car Dealerships Near Me keep it in their showroom to attract customers and increase their sales. The base model has an affordable price tag, but the well-featured S model is a luxury entry that can compete with small sedans and hatchbacks from BMW and Mercedes Benz. Because they are well-equipped, a mini convertible is a good choice for people who value style and appreciate driving enjoyment. Here we will discuss what new you will get, and you can experience it with the 2022 mini convertible. 

What Is New For The 2022 Mini Convertible?

Mini has provided the convertible a facelift and overhaul for the 2022 model year that comes with improved front and rear bumpers, an updated grille, and a new wheel design. Along with this, the mini introduced some bold new colors, like a cool color-shifting multi-tone roof option. The interior design sees a number of improvements also, such as a new checker-patterned upholstery option, redesigned steering wheel, and tweaked air vents. Mini has made changes to the infotainment system and revised some interior trim as well. The 2022 mini convertible added a larger 8.8-inch display standard across the lineup. Some new standards are lane-departure warning, SiriusXM satellite radio, and a digital gauge display. 

What Is The Cost Of A Mini Convertible, And Which Model Is The Best Value?

The cost of a mini convertible is approx. $5000 to $6000 more than their hardtop equivalents, so that they are not exactly cheap. But the base model coupled with a three-cylinder is available at $28750. The base model is not bad, and it also doesn’t feel slow on the twisty road, but most of the buyers want to buy a punchier cooper S. This model’s starting price is $32750, but when we talk about its advantage, the many customization options then it can be worthy. The model JCW price is even more; starting cost is $39750 without included items like navigation. Buyers will have to pay extra for these features, but the JCW is lots of fun. If we talk about insurance costs, then many Automobile Dealerships Near Me provide the best insurance so you can choose as per your requirement. 

Know About The Performance Of The 2022 Mini Convertible 

Engine and Performance: The base model of the convertibles is coupled with a turbocharged 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engine generating 162 pound-feet and 134 hp of torque and power. A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic is optional that buyers can choose, while a six-speed manual transmission is standard. 

All models of mini convertibles have a front-wheel drive system, and mini claims that the speed can reach zero to 60 in just eight seconds. 

The Cooper S comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that produces 189 horsepower and 206ib-ft of torque to get more speed. 

Fuel Economy: The 2022 mini convertibles offer very good fuel economy, and it is one of the best fuel-efficient cars in this competitive market. The base model with a three-cylinder convertible gets 29 mpg around the city and 38 mpg on highways, and a combined 32 mpg, and if we talk about the manual version, then it loses 1 to 2 mpg in each measure. The model with a four-cylinder returns 27 mpg around town, 36 mpg on highways, and combined 32 mpg, but this number falls in a manual version like 23/33mpg city/highway and 26mpg combined. 

Safety and Driver Assistance Tech Features: The safety rating of the 2022 mini convertible is excellent, and it offers tons of safety tech features. A lane departure warning system is now standard, joined with automatic emergency braking and a forward collision warning system. The adaptive cruise control is available in the $750 package, which also involves rear parking sensors. It offers more than its rivals, like Camaro convertibles but provides less than the Miata, Mustang, and 4 series. To get this car with high-tech safety features, you can visit the dealership that provides Used Convertibles For Sale.

How’s The 2022 Mini Convertible Interior

Comfort and Room: The interior of the mini is user-friendly at an affordable cost. Passengers get lots of space in the front cabin, so even tall passengers can sit comfortably in the mini convertible. The ergonomics of the cabin are a little awkward. There is more legroom and headroom than its luxury rivals, and the windshield top does not block the view, so tall passengers and drivers can also enjoy it. This car comes with back seats that are more comfortable than expensive BMWs. Though tall people and adults will not sit in the rear seat for a long time, kids can sit properly there. The backspace is tight for adults, but kids will also complain about space. If you want to carry some big or large stuff, then you can remove the rear seats to get more space. 

Infotainment System: In the 2022 mini convertible comes with an 8.8-inch infotainment screen standard and launched a digital instrument display. In the previous model, the cool ambient lighting, gauges, and screen look great in higher trim, but in 2022, these infotainment inputs are available in each model. It has a toggle switch and physical knob that is well-labeled and easy to use while driving to adjust any setting. The mini convertible is easy to operate, but some menus on display and settings need more practice. The apple carplay comes with navigation, while the android auto is absent. Some issues on convertibles will not be resolved until the next-generation mini convertible arrives. 

Cargo Space and Storage: The mini convertible provides just 6.4 cubic feet of space, so it offers room for just three carry-on suitcases. But when you fold the back seat, it offers room for 12 suitcases. The five-door mini hardtop gives more space in terms of cargo, with the back seats folded, but mini convertibles provide less space. You can neglect the cargo space in front of its new tech driver assist system that you can get from small car dealerships near me. The 2022 mini convertible is best for light shopping, but if you want to do something practical with it, then your journey ends with frustration. You can enjoy riding in a mini convertible by doing light shopping or carrying minimum bags. 

Style and Design: When we talk about its look and design then it looks as jaunty and cute as it did when mini launched its first version. No doubt this car is a bit bigger overall, but it wears it’s fun personality on its sleeves that very few luxury and convertible cars offer. If we talk about styling, then it comes with many design choices, like the round central screen that is echoed in the round door control. Leather-wrapped steering wheel and driver’s heated seat come standard, and a leather interior is also available as an option. If you are looking for something styling and sporty, then the 2022 mini convertible is the great choice for you.

Warranty: Mini provides a better warranty than other small SUV manufacturers, along with scheduled servicing and maintenance. The mini offers a limited warranty that covers 4 years or 50000 miles, 4-year or 50000 miles in powertrain warranty. And also offer complimentary scheduled maintenance for 3 years or 36000 miles. You can get some other benefits from Used Convertibles For Sale while buying mini convertibles. 

What Is The Difference Between 2021 And 2022 Mini Convertibles?

The mini updated so many things in the interior with additional standard features for 2022 models. In the front area, the fog lights were removed because a single unbroken hexagon grille takes up so much space. In the new model, LED headlights are standard, and also the 2022 mini convertible model gets an extra pair of air intake along with high-gloss black surrounds. In the previous model, iconic twin-tailpipes are added to improvise it and launch the 2022 model. In the 2022 convertible, 17- and 18-inch wheel designs are available to provide a comfortable ride for the passenger. There are three new exterior colors also launched in new models such as zesty yellow, island blue, and rooftop grey. The steering wheel is all added, along with a heating function and new features. There is an emergency braking system available in the 2022 mini convertible, so it helps the driver in difficult situations. 


The 2022 mini convertible is a great option for people who want luxury and stylish cars together at affordable prices. You need to add some features and pay extra, but it is worth it because it helps to make your ride comfortable and enjoyable. When you visit an automobile dealership near me, you can talk to them about what you want to add extra. Some dealers offer some discount or other services when you make a purchase. 

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