10 Used Cars You Should Not Buy

The cost of a car is the second-biggest cost after buying a house, with most people buying new cars, and some opting for used ones. Some people who are really into cars and spend a lot of time on forums may go for a used car, rather than a new one so that they have the opportunity to make their own modifications.

There are some guidelines you should remember when you are buying a used car such as, it should have been driven less than 50,000 kilometres, preferably single owner. You should avoid buying demo cars and German cars from a premium manufacturer. When buying a used vehicle, look for something no more than three years old. When you’re looking at a used German vehicle, you need to take the extended warranty. More importantly, when buying cars, you should avoid purchasing ones from brands that left the country.

In general, buying a used car with excellent running conditions and excellent maintenance is not a problem, although there are specific vehicles that should be avoided. The costs of maintaining and getting spare parts for a used Volkswagen or Skoda can even be higher than they are when they’re brand new.

You should avoid the following second-hand cars:


1. Volkswagen Jetta (2007-2011)

If you are in the market for a used car, it’s best to avoid expensive models like performance or premium cars. The VW, as an example, can be reliable as new but is also more prone to expensive and complex repairs in the future. But spare parts are not easy to come by and even more difficult to find in the second-hand market. For an older German car you can find them more readily on the second-hand market, but this will just mean that your dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree.

If you have the drive, guts, and some dough, it’s worth it to buy a used German car, like a Volkswagen Polo. Preferably, it would have a manual transmission, as the DSG has some issues with fuel efficiency and automatic.


2. Tata Aria (2010-2017)

The Tata Aria package included basic, yet necessary features and made the Hexa what it is today, but it was not one of the most reliable cars. Tata introduced a lot of features in that model but it still wasn’t a hit. So why go for something that was sold second hand when it wasn’t even popular when it first came out. TATA found areas of improvement in their product with the Hexa. The Hexa resonated with the public.


3. Mahindra TUV300 AMT

TUV300 and KUV100 are the two Mahindra cars with a lacklustre sales record. Despite having a lot to offer and an offer too good to refuse, they have failed to really catch up. Manual models may be more refined than the TUV300 AMT but are not recommended because they cost more money.


The Bolero Neo is the only Mahindra car that does not offer reliability that aligns with the rest of the brand. Recently, the transmission on the TUV300 has become an issue and the AMT was originally problematic.


4. Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI DSG

Like its parent company, Skoda cars are also high-performance and high-maintenance. Only enthusiasts tend to purchase used Skodas & VWs as they are easy to maintain. There is a good power & performance level, but the service feedback is not good, and the gearbox is also problematic. In the end, used Skodas will be very high maintenance, along with difficult to find replacement parts.


5. Fiat Linea

Even when the car was on sale, there were issues with the parts, so one can imagine the current situation. The Linea was a perfect car, but since Fiat left India, it’s not advisable to buy any used vehicles.


6. Honda CRV

While Honda cars such as City & Civic are popular in the second-hand market, the CRV might not be wise. Depending on the condition, you might get this car for as little as $31,110, but getting a vehicle for this amount can never be a good deal.


You can imagine how expensive the spares & repairs can be hard on the pocket of an old car.


7. Chevrolet Captiva

Captiva was a spacious car with a good road presence, purchasing a used one isn’t recommended. It was discovered that Captiva had issues with the transmission as well as the engine, particularly the turbo-charger. All of these are expensive repairs. Although some service centers are still operating, it is difficult to get parts.


8. Nissan Teana

It might seem tempting with the good looks and luxury, but they come at a price. Nobody wants a hassle-filled ownership experience, and that’s what you’ll get with a second hand Teana. It’s a good car, but again, maintenance and parts will blow your budget.


9. Honda Accord 3.5L V6

The Honda Accord is another of the Honda line of luxury cars. Normally, Honda cars are dependable, but there’s always an exception. Common to the 2017 Accord V6 are mistakes like problems with the ignition, faulty climate control and faulty radio.


Due to the vibrations and high oil consumption, the maintenance became more difficult with small oil leaks and overall just made it not the best secondhand car choice.


10. Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai cars perform well as city cars, but the premium models are not well-supported. Hyundai cars such as Santa Fe, Tucson, & Sonata should be avoided. Hyundai’s support for premium vehicles isn’t good, as we only see European models on the list to avoid.


11. Mitsubishi Outlander

Outlander was a luxury vehicle that was hard to find even when it was on sale. As a result, one can imagine that it is not easy for the owner to buy an Outlander. It is not recommended until someone sources spares from the foreign market.


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