10 Outstanding Cars To Buy In The Year 2020

10 Outstanding Cars To Buy In The Year 2020

Currently, there are thousands of great used cars in the U.S. automobile market. The price of an average used car costs much less than the basic new car that’s why more people visit their nearby local dealers and car lots. As we know purchasing a vehicle is a huge investment, you should be concerned about safety, reliability, and other factors before finalizing your vehicle.

Here in this article, we’ve shortlisted 10 outstanding used cars you can buy in the year 2020:

Honda Accord: Honda Certified Pre Owned

The Honda Accord is one of the best selling car models in the U.S. automobile market. It is also in the battle with Toyota Camry as the most popular car model in the U.S. It offers a great fuel economy, cheaper maintenance costs, safety features, and many more which makes it the first choice of car buyers. You can easily find top conditioned Used Honda For Sale in between $8,000 and $20,000.

Toyota Camry: Used Toyota Camry For Sale

In this list, Toyota Camry is the second most popular vehicle which is high in demand, whether used or new. It is the best selling mid-range sedan which is most known for safety, reliability, looks etc. You can easily find a high-end Used Toyota For Sale under $26,000. As we know today’s vehicles are loaded with advanced technology features, you should opt for 2010 or newer car models to get some latest features.

Nissan Altima: Nissan Cars For Sale

The Nissan Altima isn’t the best selling car model but that also doesn’t mean it is a less popular used car among buyers. With huge popularity among the younger generation, Nissan Altima is known for its great gas mileage, spacious interior, and advanced safety features. The used car models sold between 2008 – 2014 are considered the best and can be found around $15,000.

Honda Civic : Used Honda For Sale

It is just another popular used car model from Honda. This model has a long history of being safe, reliable, stylish, etc. which helps it to maintain a position in the used automobile markets. It also comes in seven different models to choose from which have its price range. You can find these vehicles in the price range between $9,500 and 25,000.

Ford F-150: Ford Certified Pre Owned

The Ford F-150 is a type of truck that has been the best selling vehicle for the last 30 years. It offers great space, fuel economy, safety features, and many more. The newer Ford F-150 costs around $25,000, and you can find top conditioned used vehicles around $11,000 only which is less than half of its actual price. You should also search for 11th or 12th generation trucks, as they were up to date with the latest features.

Toyota Corolla: Toyota Cars For Sale

It is one of those vehicles that you can see easily on the roads all the time. The new generation of Toyota Corolla is just gaining attraction among buyers than the previous models. It has become the most common vehicle because of its recognition, safety, and reliability. A Used Toyota For Sale can offer you great value for the long term. A new Toyota Corolla will range around $16,000-$25,000 but used models in the 10th and 11th generations can be found around $9,000 and $18,000.

Chevrolet Impala:

The Impala is currently sold in its tenth generation and it is considered as the best choice for many buyers since 1958. It offers a great fuel economy, spacious interior, and a classy look that attracts our newer generation also. We have seen many changes in the vehicle and its ninth generation has received few latest technology updates which improve its reliability and safety features. The used Chevrolet Impala can be found for $11,000 – 20,000.

Ford Mustang: Ford Pre Owned Cars –

Ford Mustang is a car that can make you feel sporty when driving. Rather than waiting for a newer car model, we can opt for a previous generation model. The used Ford Mustang 2005 – 2014 car model has priced between $10,000 – $48,000. It depends on you how much you want to spend. You can find Ford Cars For Sale at any dealership.

Toyota Prius: Used Toyota For Sale

It is the third vehicle in our list from Toyota which has gained popularity among car buyers. The Toyota Prius is most known for its luxury look and spacious interior. It also offers reliability that lasts for many years. The new Toyota Prius vehicle priced around $25,000. You can also find used Toyota Prius for sale in between $9,000 – $15,000.

Ford Escape: Ford Pre Owned Cars

The Ford Escape is the last vehicle in our list which was designed to be economical. It is one of the most popular compact SUV models that offer decent gas mileage, roomy interior, and an affordable price. In its third generation, the Ford Escape features a modern design with all the latest bells and whistles. The Ford Escape provides a great option when searching for a solid compact SUV in a specific price range. It can be easily found between $10,000 – $31,000.<>

These all are 10 outstanding used vehicles you can look for in the year 2020. You can include these vehicles on your list when looking for reliable and affordable used vehicles in the U.S. automobile market.

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